Peterborough Cathedral graveyard PHOTO: Supplied

On the skeleton in the cupboard

I have been thinking about death (I’m Sarah and I’m here to cheer you up!). At this time of year we are surrounded by it, writes Canon Commisioner Sarah Brown. Despite the golden weather of late there is no denying that the days are shorter, the leaves are brown and the first frost will be along soon to kill any remaining flowers and herald the winter. The ice will freeze the blood in the veins and vulnerable people will fall in greater numbers than usual into the care of medics, undertakers and vicars.

Cllr Shaz Nawaz

Why we should respect the experts

I t was not long ago that the word “expert” was revered. If someone was an expert mechanic, you trusted them with your car. If someone was a medical expert, you entrusted them with your life. If someone was an expert on the economy, you wanted their approval for your finances, writes leader of the Labour group on Peterborough City Council cllr Shaz Nawaz.

Council leader Cllr John Holdich at the council's Sand Martin House offices in Fletton Quays

Peterborough is ‘prospering’ despite the cuts

In last week’s column I spoke about the huge budget challenge that we face next year and the need to deliver savings following the publication of our budget proposals, writes leader of Peterborough City Council Cllr John Holdich.

Mike Greene

Time to put Peterborough first

A fter the recent By-election, our Leave constituency returned a Remain Labour MP because the Leave vote was split between the Brexit Party and the Tories, writes Brexit Party election candidate Mike Greene.


Why we need to #StopBrexit - Peterborough Lib Dem candidate

Boris promises to: “get Brexit done”, but if his Withdrawal Agreement goes through, it’s only the first step out of the EU, the easiest bit. Next will come decades of ongoing uncertainty, trying to replace what we’ve lost, writes Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Peterborough Beki Sellick in this week’s Speaker’s Corner.

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