Opinion: What next for Peterborough?

It is rather sad to note as I travel around the city knocking on doors and speaking to many local residents that most are completely fed up with politics and to be frank politicians, writes Wayne Fitzgerald Conservative Group Leader .
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I’ve met no end of people who are saying that they are not going to vote for anyone at all no matter the political party either locally or nationally. Let’s be honest who can blame them given the state of UK politics and the daily upset being caused in parliament from all sides including my own Conservative party.

There is apathy all around us which is a great shame and we as politicians should all try to do better to restore confidence amongst voters so that they do come out and vote on May 2.

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However, there is one hope. When I remind them, I’m here to talk about local elections and all the things that affect them daily they become more amiable and will listen to the arguments or reasons put forward as to why they should continue to vote locally and from my point of view vote for the Conservatives here in Peterborough.

What next for Peterborough?What next for Peterborough?
What next for Peterborough?

It is also true to say that most people do not realise that the Conservatives are not in charge of the council right now and that they have is what we call “Conservative Lite” running the show.

For those that are unaware this is a bunch of former Conservatives councillors backed by the Lib Dems, Labour and the Greens that jumped ship last year and despite what they may claim they were largely unhappy that I would not include them in my Cabinet team as in my opinion they were not up to the job. They now masquerade as independents despite the fact that nobody voted them in as that. They certainly lack integrity and have no moral compass at all or they would have stepped down and faced the public vote again.

Most people I talk to agree with me once it has been explained to them face to face.

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We find it funny that nothing has actually changed since the coup and in fact they are just carrying on with our growth plans for the city as if nothing had changed. Save to say when questioned about all the difficult decisions that have been necessary, they simply blame it on the past administration conveniently forgetting that they were mostly all part of the same Conservative administration, it is quite laughable really.

I’ll finish this week where I started in that I will continue to encourage people to vote Conservative based on a shared set of principles and beliefs. These include keeping taxes lower, being self- reliant and not being welfare dependant, controlling immigration numbers and protecting our borders, wealth and job creation so that all can benefit, looking after those that are less fortunate than oneself, creating opportunities and promoting aspiration to do better for all who live here.

Let us build better housing and create more jobs for everyone. I could go on; But this why I’m a Conservative as I know many of you are.

Here in Peterborough the Conservatives have seen the city prosper and grow with record levels of investment coming in just in the last 12 months alone. We delivered on a new university, and we’re all set for major city centre regeneration. Of course, there is lot more to do and to improve upon but I think the Conservatives are best placed to deliver what Peterborough needs. I do hope the majority who live in our great city will continue to agree with me and vote Conservative on May 2.