Fiona Onasanya: A timeline of events

Fiona Onasanya
Fiona Onasanya
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Fiona Onasanya court case: A timeline of events

Friday, February 3 2017: Fiona Onasanya correctly fills out Notice of Intended Prosecution regarding a speeding offence. She kept a clean licence and avoided points by going on a speed awareness course.

Friday, June 9 2017: Fiona Onasanya is elected as MP for Peterborough, beating Conservative Stewart Jackson by 607 votes

Monday, July 24 2017: The Nissan Micra belonging to Fiona Onasanya is caught speeding on The Causeway, Thorney at 10.03pm

Tuesday, January 2 2018: Fiona Onsanya is interviewed about the allegations by police. She makes no comment.

Thursday, July 12 2018: Fiona Onasanya appears at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with Perverting The Course of Justice

Wednesday, July 25 2018: The Peterborough Telegraph reveals Fiona Onasanya has been charged

Friday, July 27 2018: Fiona Onasanya ‘strongly denies’ allegations against her

Monday August 13 2018: Fiona Onasanya and Festus Onasanya appear at The Old Bailey where they enter not guilty pleas

Monday, November 5 2018: Festus Onasanya appears at The Old Bailey where he pleads guilty to three counts of Perverting The Course of Justice

Tuesday, November 13 2018: Prosecutor David Jeremy QC opens the trial, telling a jury Fiona Onasanya ‘plotted’ with Festus Onasanya to evade speeding prosecution

Wednesday, November 14 2018: Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC adjourns the case for a day. The case is not heard again until Friday

Friday, November 14 2018: Fiona Onasanya’s former aide Dr Christian DeFeo gives evidence. He says he felt ‘morally and legally obliged’ to take to the stand

Friday, November 14 2018: Dr DeFeo’s wife denies ‘being pleased’ to catch Ms Onasanya out

Monday, November 19 2018: Fiona Onasanya begins her defence

Monday, November 19 2018: Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya tells court her brother said he had ‘sorted out’ speeding ticket

Monday, November 19 2018: Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya took year to investigate speeding incident, court told

Tuesday, November 20 2018: Fiona Onasanya says she ‘does not know’ who was driving the car on July 24 2017

Wednesday, November 21 2018: Fiona Onsanya is not a woman who ‘lies, lies and lies again’ court told

Thursday, November 22 2018: Jury begin deliberations in Fiona Onasanya case

Friday, November 23 2018: Judge tells jury he will accept a majority verdict

Monday, November 26 2018: Jury fail to reach verdict - Judge orders a retrial

Monday, November 26 2018: This is when Fiona Onasanya will face a retrial

Tuesday, December 11 2018: The retrial starts at The Old Bailey.

Wednesday, December 12 2018: The case is opened in front of a jury. They are told Ms Onasanya ‘lied persistently and deliberately’

Friday, December 14 2018: Fiona Onasanya’s former campaign manager tells the court he had ‘no choice but to turn her in’

Monday, December 17 2018: Fiona Onasanya tells the court she was ‘betrayed by her brother’

Wednesday, December 19 2018: Fiona Onasanya found guilty of perverting the course of justice

Wednesday December 19 2018: How Fiona Onasanya could lose her seat after guilty verdict

Wednesday December 19 2018: The rise and fall of Fiona Onasanya

Wednesday, December 19 2018: Judge leaves all sentencing options open after guilty verdict

Wednesday, December 19 2018: Labour suspends Fiona Onasanya after guilty verdict