River Nene: Peterborough's constant through changing times

No matter how much Peterborough has changed over the years nor how much it changes in the future, one thing is certain '“ there will always be a river running through it!

Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 2:47 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd June 2018, 5:48 pm
River Nene 1900s

The River Nene has always been a focal point for the city, not least for leisure activities.

I doubt we will see again scenes like those top in the 1920s with scores of people bathing in the river.

The second picture shows, according to the caption, a torpedo boat being towed along the river.

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Bathing spot on River Nene 1920s

The next two pictures, the latter taken from Town Bridge, show some atmospheric views of the river.

The wonderful fifth picture paints a tranquil scene with men checking their rowing boats. I wonder if they were working or indulging a hobby? You can see Town Bridge and the Customs House in the background.

The next photograph was taken in 1918 and also shows Town Bridge and the Customs House.

The picture of the rowing regatta shows the event attracted large crowds to the banks of the Nene. This picture was taken in 1948.

Motor torpedo boat on the River Nene.

With the city’s ‘new town’ expansion, new parkway bridges were built over the Nene. The two aerial shots show work in progress.

One picture was taken in the 1970s and shows bridge building over the Nene at Thorpe Meadows. It’s fascinating to see the area before the rowing lake was built.

The other aerial shot shows construction of the Frank Perkins Parkway.

A river view from Town Bridge
A 1948 regatta on the River Nene
A River Nene Customs House on the right 1918
A tranquil River Nene
A 1970s parkway construction across River Nene
Construction of the Frank Perkins Parkway over the River Nene ENGEMN00120121001121218