NOSTALGIA: Peterborough’s lost pubs - raising a glass to absent friends!

The pub is no longer the hub of community life it used to be (unless you live in Walford or Weatherfield!) but it is still an integral part of the British way of life.

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Part of Fletton Parkway under construction?

Nostalgia in pictures: Peterborough under construction - do you recognise these city centre sites before they were finished?

Today’s Looking Back pictures are all about construction, or destruction if you prefer.

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Vicarage Farm Road, Fengate at harvest  time ENGEMN00120110624165617

NOSTALGIA: Peterborough’s farming, fishing and boating past

Today’s pictures are another odds and sods collection that always prove popular.

First to get their keys from the Mayor of Peterborough Alderman Ted Hall, were Mr and Mrs Michael Mulhern, from Islington

NOSTALGIA: Building a bright new city future for Peterborough

The creation of New Town status and the Peterborough Development Corporation led to a huge burst of house building in the city.

Do you recognise any of these faces?

NOSTALGIA: A history of Peterborough’s park life

Local historian Stephen Perry has produced the latest in his excellent series of booklets on Peterborough.

Great Northern Cottages, Peterborough

NOSTALGIA: Home, not so sweet home, in Peterborough?

The recent history of Peterborough is synonymous with house building. In the 70s the New Town status saw new townships created and thousands of homes built.

Peterborough city centre with the hustle and bustle of trams

12 things you never knew about Peterborough’s lost tram network

How best to deliver a public transport system is still a hot topic in most British cities.

Freemans distribution centre from the Peterborough Archives.

The story of Freemans workers is brought to life on stage

All Wrapped Up in Westwood - a community play based on the experiences of people who worked at Freemans Distribution Centre in Peterborough - opens in the city on Thursday (26th).

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A Fowler & Sons

NOSTALGIA: A Peterborough family dynasty

Reader Tanya Craythorne came in with a treasure trove of old pictures that her grandfather David “Russell” Fowler, who recently celebrated his 95th birthday, handed to her in a large suitcase.

NOSTALGIA: The Peterborough brickyards that rebuilt Britain

NOSTALGIA: The Peterborough brickyards that rebuilt Britain

Today’s pictures come courtesy of Forterra, formerly Hanson, which has a special place in the Peterborough area’s industrial history.

Duke of Kent at Perkins engines 1987

NOSTALGIA: Perkins – Peterborough’s engine through the years

No telling of the Peterborough story would be complete without a significant chapter on Perkins.

1912 Crescent Bridge taking shape

NOSTALGIA: Peterborough’s Crescent Bridge spanning the ages

Bridges are big news in Peterborough at the moment. There is a campaign to build a new foot/cycle bridge linking Fletton Quays to the city centre. Meanwhile there have been angry protests over the city council’s proposal to pull down Rhubarb Bridge.

Peterborough's River Nene

NOSTALGIA: Is that a monkey on Peterborough’s riverbank?

This week’s Looking Back pictures are a mixed bag with pride of place going to a lovely view of the River Nene.

Charly says...

Nostalgia: Five British public safety videos which scarred us as children

In these days of the internet, child safety is more of a concern for parents everywhere.

HRH Princess Diana pictured on various visits to Peterborough.

NOSTALGIA: Remembering Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts, and her impact of Peterborough 20 years on

Twenty years ago today the world woke up to the shocking news that Princess Diana had been killed in a car crash in Paris.

HRH Prince Charles at the East of England show in Peterborough. Liz Clarke gives Charles a kiss whilst looking at one of the stalls

NOSTALGIA Royals and rain steal Peterborough’s East of England Show

Last week’s pictures of the East Of England Show proved very popular so this week I’m publishing another selection.

1977 and The East of England Show is in full swing ENGEMN00120110624165415

LOOKING BACK: Nearly 200 years of the East of England Show

It used to be Peterborough’s biggest and most anticipated event, but all good things come to an end and changing times and tastes meant The East of England Show didn’t go on forever.

Roger Stocks (75,) from Dogsthorpe, kindly sent in five views of  Peterborough he took in 1959

LOOKING BACK: Peterborough’s Park life and river views from 1959

Today’s pictures are all provided by Looking Back readers. Roger Stocks (75,) from Dogsthorpe, kindly sent in five views of Peterborough he took in 1959.

A Northamptonshire yeomanry 1915  by Peterborough Station

NOSTALGIA: Remembering Peterborough’s war heroes

The poignant centenary commemoration of the Battle of Passchendaele this week have reminded us all of the horrors of the Great War.

St John's Church, Stanground

NOSTALGIA: Can you fill in the historical gaps in these Peterborough photos?

Today’s Looking Back pictures are a random yet fascinating snapshot of yesteryear Peterborough.

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