Easter message: ‘Covid complacency isn’t an option’

An Easter message from the Very Rev Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough

Sunday, 4th April 2021, 5:36 am
Peterborough Cathedral.

Last Easter we were all struggling to come to terms with lockdown.

It was something we were completely unprepared for and we didn’t expect that it was going to impact on our lives so deeply and for so long. This year we are just beginning to emerge from one of the most extraordinary years most of us have experienced.

The success of the vaccination programme has brought us new hope but after a year of false dawns, we can’t take anything for granted. Complacency isn’t an option and we all know we shall need to use our hard-won freedom very carefully if we are to avoid new restrictions.

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At the cathedral, Easter Day will see us welcoming a congregation for the first time in months.

Perfect timing as we recall and celebrate the story of Jesus’ resurrection, a sign that not even death can separate us from God’s love.

Easter comes at springtime, and it’s perhaps no coincidence that this great Christian festival is reflected in the re-awakening of the natural world – perhaps something that lockdown has made us much more aware of and much more ready to celebrate.

So, let’s give thanks for this season of renewal and new hope.

Let’s enjoy the chance to meet up with our families and our friends, but let’s use our new opportunities responsibly, not forgetting the lessons (nor the losses) of the past year, continuing to pray for our NHS and all who have committed themselves so selflessly to caring for others.

May God richly bless this city and, on behalf of the cathedral, can I wish you a Happy Easter!