Father of Peterborough teenager killed on ‘unsafe’ road calls for action after latest crash

The father of a Peterborough teenager killed on an ‘unsafe’ road has called for action after the latest crash there on Sunday (June 6).

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 10th June 2021, 4:55 am
Ernest Martin at the site of Cain's memorial along New Cut.
Ernest Martin at the site of Cain's memorial along New Cut.

The call for improved safety along the B1167 New Cut, near Thorney has been made by Ernest Martin.

His son Cain was killed in a collision along the road in November and, on Sunday, he was at the scene of another crash at the site. This time a female driver was taken to hospital after her car left the road and rolled over.

The crash was so close to the spot Cain lost his life that the car actually destroyed part of the memorial for Cain, created by his family and friends.

One of the cars crashed along New Cut.

These are by no means isolated incidents on the road though. Over the past couple of years, the family of Cain’s girlfriend, who live along New Cut, have been collecting evidence of incidents along the road.

They have recorded at least three incidents of vehicles leaving the road, causing serious damage, two of which ending up crashing into their front garden.

These have sparked calls for action to improve safety on the road,

Mr Martin said: “When I arrived at the site on Sunday I felt sick, the skid pattern was the same as Cain’s, it was too much too soon.

One of the cars crashed along New Cut.

“My first thought was to ask if the driver was ok and fortunately they were very lucky. What happened looked identical to what happened with Cain and if a car was coming the other way, it might have been the same result.”

“I’ve seen some of the shocking pictures of incidents along New Cut and it only confirms what I’ve been saying from day one, the road is unsafe. I’ve had lots of other residents saying the same too.”

On Cain’s memorial page on Facebook, many people have been in touch to say that they share concerns about the safety of the road.

One resident said: “This road needs flattening out. When visiting Cain’s site, I was watching the traffic go by bouncing up and down, even though the cars were in the middle of the road. It needs sorting ASAP.”

One of the cars crashed along New Cut.

Another added: “The first time I ever drove down there I nearly came off the road.

“It was daylight dry weather and I was going about 15-20 mph, yet my car swerved towards the ditch. If I was going the speed limit or even if the road would have been wet, then I have no doubt I would have gone in.

“It freaked me out. That road needs dealing with and fast.”

On Monday (June 7), an inquest at Peterborough Town Hall concluded that Cain died as a result of multiple injuries caused by a road traffic collision on Saturday November 21, 2020.

Cain’s family were, however, disappointed not to have the opportunity to hear from the forensic officer who concluded that the road, when travelled down at the 60mph speed limit, was safe.

Mr Martin added: “We were told that officers had driven down the road at 60mph and that, at that speed, the road was safe.

“We are not arguing with the fact that it would not have impacted the outcome of the inquest but for me, the undulations on that road are ridiculous.

“From the highest to the lowest point there is a dip of around 1m over a few yards and this needs looking at.

Drivers need to be slowed down along that road and I think a speed camera would be the best way to do it.

“We feel as if our ideas are falling on deaf ears though, the authorities don’t seem interested but I am not going to let this one lie. How many lives is it going to take before something gets done? One is already too many.”

Councillor Nigel Simons, representative for Eye, Thorney and Newborough, said: “We are aware of the tragic circumstances around Cain’s death and have asked the highways team to look at the accident data with regards to the road and to schedule any works required as a matter of urgency.

“I am aware of uneven road signs on this stretch of road and that a large stretch of New Cut has recently been surfaced.

“Along with my fellow ward councillors Steve Allen and Richard Brown, we are very keen for all the roads in our ward to be maintained to a high standard.”