Developers believe controversial Peterborough housing development will bring ‘significant economic and social benefits’

Developers behind a controversial planned development in Peterborough have insisted that it will being ‘significant economic and social benefits.’

A map of the proposed site.
A map of the proposed site.

The comments have come after Peterborough MP Paul Bristow addressed a letter to Peterborough City Council expressing his concerns once again about a proposed development by Larkfleet Homes in Eye.

Mr Bristow said that he was frustrated that his concerns, that he had raised about the development when it was first proposed in July 2019, had still yet to be met.

Earlier this month, the public consultation period for a 284-home development, along Eyebury Road, in the village of Eye, came to an end.

How the proposed development could look.

The plans have been heavily objected to by residents over issues of overcrowding and pressure on existing services.

One of the main contentions is that the number of homes is currently planned is more than the 250 that the Local Plan sets out for a permissible development.

Larkfleet has always maintained that the area can support a 284-strong development.

Now that the consultation has come to an end, Larkfleet has said that is will continue to work with the council to design a sustainable development for Eye and that the figure of 250 is not an upper limit.

Chris Dwan, Planning Director at Larkfleet Group said: “Larkfleet Group carried out consultation on the proposed development at Eye and this feedback combined with the responses from the statutory consultees has informed our approach to the scheme.

“In response to the key concerns in Paul Bristow’s letter we want to highlight that the plans submitted are for outline planning only. A conceptual detailed design was provided as part of the application, but this is indictive only and should continue to be treated as such.

“The plans we have developed do show that the site could support the proposed 284 homes – the 250 homes allocated to the site in the neighbourhood plan is a guideline and not an upper limit.

“We are in close contact with the city council’s highways team, the Education Authority and the lead local flood authority, all of whom we have established agreement in principle with, in relation to the sustainable approach to development being pursued.

“The proposed development will deliver significant economic and social benefits to Eye, including access to affordable homes and the ability to increase capacity at the school.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with the Council to design and deliver a sustainable new community for Eye.”