Cambridgeshire council workers rally against '˜Scrooge' bosses over forced unpaid Christmas leave

Cambridgeshire County Council workers rallied today against their 'Scrooge' bosses' plans to make them take three days off unpaid leave over Christmas.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 3:15 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 4:16 pm
The protest outside Shire Hall

Staff and supporters protested outside Shire Hall at lunchtime wearing a Scrooge outfit and Santa hats to condemn the plan, which amounts to a 1.2 per cent pay cut taken out of staff’s salaries every month for 12 months.

Workers on more than £26,000 will automatically have their pay cut, while those on less will be forced to use up three days leave over Christmas. If they have already used up all their leave entitlement they will have to ‘buy’ extra leave, which also amounts to a pay cut.

UNISON branch secretary Rob Turner said: “Staff are rightly angry that their Scrooge bosses want to snatch their pay this Christmas.

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“These workers should be thinking about how to enjoy their first Christmas in post-austerity Britain – if Theresa May and Philip Hammond are to be believed – but instead they’re facing a 1.2 per cent cut to their salary after a decade of struggling to keep services going amid ever-tightening budgets and frozen salaries.

“We’re glad staff and supporters have come out today to show bosses they won’t stand for this Christmas lay-off.

“The council must get the message and not force its workers to pay the price for its own financial failings.”