Looking Back: A Peterborough city centre street in the 70s - and how it looks now

Who recognises this Peterborough city centre street scene from 1970 – the view from the east side of Town Bridge looking north west along Bridge Street?

Regular contributor and long-time photography enthusiast Andrew Cole sent us this from his archives – as well as an up to date photo from the same location.

He says: “On the left past the range of Victorian buildings is the entrance to Brierley's (later Hillard's) supermarket. Can your readers remember Frank Brierley the 'Price Pirate'?

"A tower crane can be seen in the background which is on the site for the construction of the new Woolworth's store. On the right was our town 'Police Station' before the boys in blue evacuated to Thorpe Wood leaving us unprotected!

" The building was knocked down and for some reason the new hotel which replaced it looks very similar. Perhaps the 1950s shape is in this season. Bring back the Ford Prefect.”

Peterborough’s best known residential streets from the last century.

The New Road mural in 1982