The battle to balance the budget - Peterborough City Council leader John Holdich

L ast week the council published the first phase of proposals which sets out how we’ll look to deliver a balanced budget over the next three financial years.

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Empowerment and freedom - Liberal Democrat Cllr Nick Sandford

I am sometimes asked what Liberal Democrats stand for. We don’t get the media coverage the other two parties receive, so you might be forgiven for not knowing the answer to this question. I could say “we oppose Brexit” and that would be true, but fundamentally I think the thing which Lib Dems most strongly advocate is personal freedom: and not just freedom to do things but also freedom from things such as poverty, ignorance and enforced conformity. That’s why we put a big emphasis on education, well funded health care and strong social service provision.

Coun David Seaton and Peterborough City Council  Leader Coun. John  Holdich with the 2018/9 budget EMN-171011-165633009

‘Protect those in need’ - opposition leaders respond to Peterborough City Council budget proposals

Opposition leaders have given their thoughts to the Peterborough City Council’s budget proposals.

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Crime news

No answer for Peterborough’s high crime figures, councillors told

A meeting to discuss crime figures in Peterborough left city councillors unclear as to why the number of offences has risen dramatically.

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Market News

Peterborough newsagents has lease terminated after thousands of counterfeit cigarettes seized

Peterborough City Council has terminated the lease of a newsagents and taken possession of the unit with immediate effect.

Great Haddon plans ENGEMN00120130320125538

Deadline passes for developers to agree 5,000 home Great Haddon development in Peterborough

The deadline for developers to reach an agreement for the landmark 5,000 home Great Haddon development in Peterborough has passed.

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A rough sleeper in St Peter's Arcade last year

Peterborough City Council to convert empty building into 40+ homes for the homeless

An empty building is to be converted into a block of at least 40 flats to help ease the high numbers of homelessness in Peterborough.

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VIDEO: Peterborough remembers the fallen

School children joined veterans, dignities and other residents across Peterborough to pay remember members of the armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice in a series of services across Peterborough over the weekend.

Matt Allwright - copyright Camilla Greenwell

BBC One to feature housing enforcement in Peterborough

BBC1 viewers will get an insight into the issues facing housing enforcement officers in Peterborough.

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Let’s get together and feel all right

A s I began to write, my thoughts were about a recent visit we made to a primary school and met children in their very first year at school who have all the time in the world ahead of them, writes Deputy Mayor Chris Ash .

A rough sleeper in St Peter's Arcade last year

Council to buy homes to help the homeless

Homes in Peterborough will be bought up by the city council to house the growing numbers of homeless residents.

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John Holdich

Ready to meet the challenge

On Friday the papers announcing our phase one budget proposals for 2018/19 were published, writes council leader John Holdich.

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MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

Time to lower the voting age to 16

A modern country should do whatever it can to ensure that all sections of society get a say in who represents them.

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Let’s think before we judge on tax

Nobody likes to pay tax, not me, not you and certainly not multi-millionaires and big corporations who claim not to earn any profits in this country, ever, at all, honest.

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The Regional Pool

‘Give us an Olympic sized swimming pool’

Calls for an Olympic-sized swimming pool in Peterborough have been made as the city looks to update its sports strategy.

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Pavement parking in Peterborough

BUDGET: Council commits to scheme fining drivers for verge and pavement in Peterborough

A scheme which will see drivers fined for verge and pavement parking has been promised the go ahead by the city council.

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Gavin Elsey and John Holdich with the city's street clean-up team EMN-150812-124330009

BUDGET: No decision yet on new service for waste removal in Peterborough

A decision on a new service for waste removal in Peterborough has yet to be agreed.

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Conservative candidates at Town HallConservative candidates at Town Hall  John Peach EMN-150804-162344009

Homes decision questioned

The decision to remove plans for 2,500 homes near the villages of Castor and Ailsworth has been questioned by Peterborough city councillors.

Health news

BUDGET: Millions of pounds needed to cope with rising demand for social care in Peterborough

Millions of pounds are needed to cope with the rising demand for adult social care in Peterborough.

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A rough sleeper in St Peter's Arcade last year

BUDGET: Rise in homelessness to cost Peterborough City Council extra £5.7 million in three years

The rising number of homeless people in Peterborough will cost the city council an extra £5.7 million in three years’ time.

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