A fruity and exotic experience

In a bid to woo back the sunshine, I decided this week to write about my exquisite, exotic fruit chaat (salad), says Parveen The Spice Queen.

Maybe if we think summer fruit salads, summer may just come back. On a positive note, with all the rain we have been having in Peterborough - my lawn looks fabulous!... but enough already, come on Mother Nature, let’s have some sun. I know I am digressing, what’s new, I know I do but I promise I will get to the recipes in just a minute. I just wanted to share a little weather story with you…

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Build bridges - they save lives

Pedestrians and road users have one critical thing in common. All make mistakes. We call the result of their mistakes ‘accidents’. More often than not they are tragic incidents that could be prevented, says Julie Howell, of the Peterborough Green Party.

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Stop the call of time on our pubs

There was a time when the ‘Crown to town’ was more than just a phrase, it was a true test of stamina and endurance, even for the heartiest of drinkers in Peterborough.

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Cllr John Holdich

City is a magnet for top retailers - Peterborough City Council leader John Holdich

My wife would be first to say that my perfect Saturday isn’t one spent shopping, but Peterborough is fast building an enviable reputation for attracting top name retailers looking to open new stores here.

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Cathedral Library

The heritage here on your doorstep - Stuart Orme, Peterborough Cathedral

It’s the time of year when many people are going on holiday. The kids are off school and many people take the opportunity to have the family getaway here in the UK or abroad. Whilst they’re away, people will always take the opportunity whilst visiting somewhere new to explore the local cultural sites – the local museum, castle or cathedral.

MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

Ticking boxes isn’t a job well done - MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

O ne of the problems of our 24-hour news age is that major stories have an all too brief lifespan. Grenfell Tower is already starting to recede from the headlines, replaced by Donald Trump’s latest Tweet or another item about Brexit.

Opinion 11
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Come back Marco Cereste, all (okay nearly all) is forgiven

Do you miss Marco Cereste? I do (that should sort out my mail bag for next week!).

Charitable Manchester United star Juan Mata.

SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Mata is a hero, ladies golf good, ladies football bad, unfair play

In the days of greedy players and greedy TV presenters, how refreshing to see a star name pledge to donate some of his earnings to charity.

Usain Bolt (left) and Justin Gatlin embrace after the World 100m final in London.

SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: The death of athletics

If Usain Bolt really did ‘save athletics’ (copyright Steve Cram), Justin Gatlin has just killed it again.

Athletics 4
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To succeed we must be ambitious - Callum Robertson, Peterborough Liberal Democrats

Ask me my three main priorities and I will tell you, education, education and education. These now famous words are those of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Adored in some quarters, hated in others, he did, to his credit invest in education. 

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Peterborough Youth Orchestra rehearse at Ormiston Bushfield Academy for a concert at St John's churchEMN-160831-080743009

Music Matters: The sounds of summer continue

As Alice Cooper’s 1972 hit reminds us,- “School’s Out for Summer”, but Peterborough Music Hub remains busy, supporting this month’s Peterborough Youth Orchestra annual summer workshop programme.

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What price local democracy?

We have already lost the Dodo and the lesser spotted Jacko (although it didn’t take the latter long to secure his Brexit bonus), now it appears the city is also on the endangered species list, alongside the white rhino and Princess Diana’s cassette player.

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Cllr John Holdich

Crackdown is not anti-cycling - Peterborough City Council leader Cllr John Holdich

I’ve learned over the years that you often need to give things time before calling it a success or failure.

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Lincoln Road

‘Are you bitter about litter? Us too’ - Rob Hall, head of the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service

Two of the top five issues people in Peterborough tell us they are concerned about are littering and anti-social behaviour. Recognising what is important to people is crucial to what we do in the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES).

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MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

When the cuts don’t work - MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

Let’s say that you bought a house. When you moved in, that house was in a certain condition, hopefully pristine. Now let’s assume that as time goes on, you stop paying to maintain that house; let’s say that you apply quick fixes to the problems that you find. You place a bucket underneath a leaking roof, use duct tape to hold things together. Over time, this inadequate maintenance will lead to your home looking like a wreck.

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Parveen on stage during her demo at Carfest

Curry, cars and Children in Need

Well, what can I say... I had such a blast at Carfest North last weekend, Chris Evans’ brain child which raises money for BBC Children In Need, says Parveen The Spice Queen..

The Harvest Festival meal in Cathedral Square

Two years on from the Harvest Festival - what’s the legacy?

This weekend will see the world of athletics return to London, and the Olympic Stadium, once more for the World Championships as we get another chance to see the best athletes around compete for medals, world records and the right to call themselves the best.

City Centre
Mayor making with new Mayor John  Fox and deputy Chris Ash EMN-170522-233306009

It is an honour to serve the city - Liberal councillor Chris Ash, Peterborough’s Deputy Mayor

Sitting at a blank screen to start my piece, thoughts yet again turn to concerns about the decline of local democracy. Political argument for far too many people seems to be shouting down others, yet saying it’s free speech. Then there are those who seem to think it’s okay to use social media to push forward hateful comments and views. We must be able to air our views without fear. All too often lines of decency are crossed.

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Our civil ‘contract’ is broken

We all pay our taxes and for that we have a right to expect certain things in return.

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MP for Peterborough Fiona Onasanya

In recess, but still so much to do

Parliament is officially in recess for the remainder of the summer. Given this status, and the fact that a number of high profile politicians are off on holiday (including the Prime Minister), it’s tempting to believe that we’re all off on an extended jolly, sipping drinks while resting by a beach at some exotic location.

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