Peterborough Panthers forced to ring the changes again ahead of a tough Premiership clash with Wolverhampton

Scott Nicholls in action against Wolves earlier this season.Scott Nicholls in action against Wolves earlier this season.
Scott Nicholls in action against Wolves earlier this season.
Peterborough Panthers have once again forced into a host of changes as they resume their Premiership campaign at Wolverhampton on Monday (7.30pm).

Panthers travel to Monmore Green without three of their regular septet as injuries continue to bite, and a double problem on this occasion is the fact that all six clubs in the league are in action on the same night, meaning the process of sourcing suitable guest replacements is no easy matter.

Danish duo Hans Andersen and Michael Palm Toft both made their comebacks from shoulder injuries in Plymouth’s two-match Northern tour over the weekend.

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But whilst Andersen came through the meetings at Edinburgh and Berwick unscathed, Palm Toft withdrew once more at Shielfield Park and is ruled out of the match in the West Midlands.

Ulrich Ostergaard is also on the sidelines after suffering a broken hand in a crash at Glasgow last weekend.

And whilst a move to reserve for Scott Nicholls would ordinarily work in Peterborough’s favour on a circuit such as Monmore, the Panthers skipper will also be absent on Monday as his partner will be giving birth, and naturally he needs to be present.

Manager Rob Lyon has booked former Wolverhampton rider Broc Nicol to guest at reserve, with Rising Star Jordan Jenkins taking a guest booking in the top five.

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Rider replacement operates for Palm Toft with Benjamin Basso stepping up into the main body of the team and forming an opening partnership with Chris Harris. Jake Mulford again gets the nod at reserve.

The home side have fewer concerns although they are without captain Sam Masters due to a broken collarbone and dislocated shoulder, and they also operate rider replacement in his absence.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Sam Masters R/R, Steve Worrall, Luke Becker, Ryan Douglas, Nick Morris, Drew Kemp, Leon Flint.

PETERBOROUGH: Chris Harris, Benjamin Basso, Jordan Jenkins, Hans Andersen, Michael Palm Toft R/R, Broc Nicol, Jake Mulford.