Peterborough United: Live- Darragh MacAnthony and Grant McCann host fans forum

Peterborough United Chairman Darragh MacAnthony and Manager Grant McCann host a fans forum this evening (July 27).

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 5:57 pm
Manager Grant McCann and Chairman Darragh MacAnthony are taking part in a Fans Forum this evening (July 27). Photo: Joe Dent.
Manager Grant McCann and Chairman Darragh MacAnthony are taking part in a Fans Forum this evening (July 27). Photo: Joe Dent.

Fans have the opportunity ask the current regime any questions they want answered ahead of the start of the new season on Saturday (July 30).

Follow the PT live blog below.

LIVE BLOG: Peterborough United fans forum

Last updated: Wednesday, 27 July, 2022, 22:38

  • Darragh MacAnthony and Grant McCann will be answering questions
  • 7pm start

Some real honest assessments from MacAnthony and McCann there and that’s all the questions for tonight.

There is no worry on debt. The club is in good hands. It’s too high for a club for our size.

The plan was 3 or 4 years in the Champ would clear that out.

The value of our squad is 40m, I could bring 16m in right now.

We have assets throughout the squad, I’m not worried about the debt.

There’s a big hole to fill, it’ll be filled. If we go up, we’ll clear the debt if not, we’ll cut out cloth accordingly.

Ronnie could play in any Premier League club. They would sign him as a project then see his temperament . He has the temperament to play at the highest level.

I’m astonished a German club hasn’t come in. He can play as high as he wants.

McCann on pre-season

I’ve been really pleased with pre-season. I know we’ve had niggles but nothing serious. I probably know 10 of the 11 for Cheltenham

The plan was to keep us up and then go last season. I have a terrific wife and kids, they have 2 and 3 years left in high school.

I’ve sacrificed a lot and the plan was to invest time in looking at colleges for them.

In the perfect world, I will get us up this year and I will be gone. I will put my heart and soul into this summer.

Nathan in a tremendous pro, we have a great leadership group, Marriott, Thompson, Kent, Ward, but we felt Jonno was the right one. He was delighted when we told him.

Why JCH as captain?

McCann- When you pick a captain, you want someone respected by the players, committed to the club. His performance levels went through the roof when he was made captain, he’s shown dedication over the summer and he can take the responsibilities of being a captain on his shoulders.

He’s a leader and a warrior, when things are not going to planner, he has the calmness to control the rest of the group.

How many full backs do you want at the club? We have Benji, Tommo, Ward, you can’t just stockpile players, that causes problems.

The league also makes a difference, no disrespect to League One but it they can perform like that in the Championship, they can do it this year.

Wingers as full backs

McCann- Ward and Burrows

Harrison is very adept at LB, LWB, LW, 8, 10.

Joe can play RB, RW, it’s something we like; versatility to change if we need to win a game.

Ward will be fine for Saturday

Does Darragh ask Grant the team before a game?

No- I can guess the 11 based on knowing him but I leave him alone, some might be astonished to hear that but a great artist doesn’t need someone telling them how to paint a picture.

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