Plans in place to improve safety on ‘dangerous’ Peterborough crossing

Plans have been put in place to improve safety at a crossing in Peterborough that has been described as dangerous by several residents.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 7:22 am
The pedestrian crossing near Aldi on Whittlesey Road, Stanground.

The Peterborough Telegraph reported the story of Joanna Czerep earlier this month of when she was hit by a car on the crossing outside of Aldi and close to the roundabout on the A605/Whittlesey Road.

She underwent brain surgery and suffered several broken bones. After hearing reports of other pedestrians being hit on the crossing, she decided that enough was enough and that something needed to be done.

Peterborough City Council promised to look into improving safety at the crossing. Joanna’s suggestions included moving the crossing further from the roundabout and improving the lighting in the area.

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Stanground South councillors Brain Rush and Ray Bisby (right) meet with a member of the council's highway team and road safety campaigner.

On Thursday (May 20) a meeting took place with Stanground South ward councillors Cllrs Ray Bisby and Brian Rush and a member of the council’s highways team to discuss the safety improvements that could be made.

It was agreed that a recorder will be installed at the crossing to collect speed data and that consideration will be given to improving the lighting.

The highways team will also consider the viability of moving the crossing further from the roundabout or converting it into a puffin crossing.

Stanground’s South Councillor Chris Harper said in a statement online: “Ray & Brian met with an officer from PCC’s Highways Team and a local resident on Thursday to discuss what improvements could be made to make the crossing safer?

“The lady was very seriously hurt after being knocked down on the crossing and along with other residents, she contacted us to see if we could get something done to make the crossing safer.

“They heard about how it was thought the crossing was positioned too close to the roundabout and was poorly lit at night and speeding from the direction of the city centre was an issue.

“It was agreed that PCC would install a recorder at the crossing to collect speed data and that consideration would be given as to how best to improve the lighting.

“Initially Highways will investigate as to how the crossing can be better lit and we’ve asked for it to be moved further away from the roundabout and if possible, converted to a puffin type crossing.

“We’ll keep you informed.”