Peterborough woman hit by car on ‘dangerous’ crossing calls for action to improve safety

A woman who was hit by a car on a crossing in Peterborough has called for safety improvements to be made.

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 13th May 2021, 5:02 am
The crossing outside Aldi along the A605.
The crossing outside Aldi along the A605.

On November 16 last year, Jaonne Czerep was using the crossing outside of the Aldi branch in Stanground along the A605/Whittlesey Road when she was hit by a car.

She was transported straight to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, where she underwent brain surgery the same evening. She also suffered a range of other injuries, including broken ribs,a broken neck and several facial fractures.

Seven months on and she is still attending physiotherapy as she looks to make a full recovery but in that time, several other accidents have been reported on that road.

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On April 30, another resident reported that their daughter had her foot runover on the crossing after a car failed to stop and hit into the back of another and subsequently over the foot of the pedestrian. Many others have reported witnessing cars failing to stop or travelling at excess speed.

Another said that their granddaughter had to run across the road to avoid being hit after a driver overtook two other cars that had stopped to let her cross.

Some of the main theories as to why the crossing is so dangerous are that drivers fail to stop because it is so close to a roundabout, the fact that it is not lit very well at night and general carelessness from some drivers.

Among the ideas from residents to improve safety at the site are increased lighting, traffic lights and installing CCTV cameras.

Joanna said: “I was always an active person. I was travelling a lot, exercising, biking. When lockdown started, I wanted to make sure I kept fit so once a day I was doing my daily walk with a goal of 10k steps.

During one of these walks, I was hit by a car, It was in the middle of the zebra crossing near Aldi (Stanground). The accident was very severe. I was transported to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the same night I had brain surgery (Craniotomy). On top of that, I suffered a broken rib, broken neck, facial fractures and a forearm injury.

“I spent a few weeks in hospital, but have felt months of pain as well as fear, would everything be ok? I felt that especially with my neck as it was stuck in a hard neck brace for three months and all that time I was hoping it would heal ok. It was a horrible and terrifying experience.

“It’s been five month since the accident happened and I am still attending physio, yet to make a full recovery.

“It all happened in mid-November and since then I have heard about another two similar incidents at the same zebra crossing.

“One was in the morning and the other evening, so the time of day appears to make no difference and it is happening too often.

“Everytime people post online about these incidents happen you read the comments and you can tell that the majority of people living here think that the crossing is not safe. I have seen people comment things such as ‘drivers don’t stop, it’s as if pedestrians are invisible,’ they have seen issues with speeding or themselves or their relatives have actually been hit/nearly hit.

“It can’t be a coincidence; this place is just not safe. Three accidents, that I know of, during the last five months at this zebra crossing is shocking.

“First, I think it is too close to the roundabout, so perhaps when drivers approach the roundabout that is their only focus, they don’t look for the zebra crossing. I also think there needs to be more lighting there.

“Perhaps the crossing could be moved further from the roundabout? a pelican crossing? speed bumps? more lighting? I’m sure there are many options to make it a safer place.”

Joanna has contacted her local councillors about the crossing and has urged anyone else who has concerns to do the same.

Stanground South Councillor Cllr Brian Rush has promised to raise the issue with the Highways Department after the election period.

The Peterborough Telegraph has also contacted Peterborough City Council for comment, they added: “Peterborough City Council are aware of the issues surrounding this crossing in Stanground and are currently investigating how these can be addressed.”