Petition supporting scheme to build Peterborough United stadium on Embankment reaches 1,500 signatures

A petition supporting plans to build a new stadium on Peterborough’s Embankment has reached 1,500 signatures.

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 5th November 2021, 9:08 am
A proposed overview of the site.

The controversial scheme would see the 19,400 capacity stadium - which along with football matches would also be used for concerts and other events - built on the land by the river.

A number of objections have been raised about the plans, with campaigners concerned about the loss of green space in the city centre. A petition against the plans was set up last month.

Now a new petition in favour of the plans has also been set up - and has now reached the 1,500 signature milestone.

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The petition campaigning to save the Embankment has 759 signatures.

The pro-stadium petitio, started by Posh fan Adi Mowles yesterday, says: “This will be the new home of The Posh so the city’s biggest sporting club will have a new home and most importantly will remain in the city centre where it belongs. The Arena will also host numerous events which nowhere in the city centre can hold now. There will be respect shown to the Embankment area in any plans going forward and this underused and often abused part of the city will prosper in our opinion.

“Signing this petition will show the PCC and those in our fantastic city who doubt the value of the Arena that there is support for the plan, not only from loyal Posh fans but those amongst us who look forward to seeing famous artists appearing, massive business conferences taking place and even local bands being able to play in the smaller purpose built concert rooms that are planned.

“It is too often the case that when something new and revolutionary is proposed the noisiest are the most negative and thus far that has been the case.

“We need to show that, yes, we care about our beloved Posh but we also firmly believe the Arena is going to be an amazing asset for our great city.

“Thanks for your support”