Plans revealed to convert historic barns in Peterborough conservation area into new homes

The barns sit in a conservation area, with the village believed to date back over 700 years.
The existing farmhouse on Cherry Orton Road.The existing farmhouse on Cherry Orton Road.
The existing farmhouse on Cherry Orton Road.

An application has been submitted to Peterborough City Council to convert two historic barns at 25 Cherry Orton Road into dwellings.

The barns form part of the large plot belonging to the address, which is a grade II listed building and sits in the Orton Waterville Conservation Area.

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The purpose of a conservation area is to protect areas of special architectural or historic interest; the the character of which is considered worthy of preservation or enhancement.

How the proposed conversion would look.How the proposed conversion would look.
How the proposed conversion would look.

The village is believed to date back to around 1300-1400, with the construction of a stone church recorded around 300 years after the Domesday Book in 1086.

In the plans, one barn would be converted to provide three bedrooms and the other would provide four. The accommodation would be across a single storey apart from a mezzanine bedroom on the smaller barn.

The designs retain the existing footprints of the barns and the existing openings would be reused as windows.

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In assessing the impact on the conversation area, the application states: “The proposed development would have a minimal effect on the conservation area, but insofar as there is effect it would be largely neutral with some positive effects through the repair of the existing barns through the conversion to two highly sustainable new dwellings of very high architectural quality.

How the barn is proposed to look from the street.How the barn is proposed to look from the street.
How the barn is proposed to look from the street.

"Visual change within the site would be a positive change from the existing situation. The design is a sensitive modern response to the existing buildings which allows the historic elements to remain prominent and understandable without being diluted.”

The application also states that the development aims to create high quality sustainable family homes that directly responds to the site and its surroundings, preserve and enhance the setting of the listed farmhouse and conservation area, retain the character of Cherry Orton Road but while remaining subservient to the former farmhouse and provide an energy-efficient envelope while maintaining the character of the existing buildings.

The application can be viewed on Peterborough City Council’s planning portal, searching using reference number 22/01108/LBC.