Consultation reopened after amended plans for heavily objected Peterborough flat development submitted

A consultation has been reopened after amended plans for flats in Peterborough, that many residents have previously objected to, were submitted.

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 28th October 2021, 4:59 am
A proposed view of the Staniland Court development.
A proposed view of the Staniland Court development.

In August 2020, plans were first submitted by property developers KREAM and social impact company Funding Affordable Homes for 67 flats in Staniland Court in Werrington.

The original plans were for two main blocks, three storeys high and a third to the rear, two storeys high to provide 67 flats (35 one bedroom, 30 two bedroom and two three bedroom flats).

This was then reduced to 60 (31 one bedroom and 29 two bedroom) in June 2021. The latest plans have reduced this further to 59 flats (29 one bedroom and 30 two bedroom). A total of 75 car parking spaces would also be provided and this is addition to two retail units, scaled down to a floor size of 60 and 57 square metres, a separate bike and bin store, landscaping of existing areas, the planting of 11 new trees and moving the existing bus stop further down Goodwin Walk.

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A proposed view of the Staniland Court development.

The plans have received over 200 public comments, with a large majority of those objecting to plans.

One objector said: “I am concerned that low cost, high density flats in Werrington Centre could cause further degradation of the area. Although we cannot know the impact they will have, I think it’s fair to say that anti-social behaviour and crime is often associated with high density, lowcost developments - for many reasons. But equally of course we have to support appropriate affordable housing developments too.

“It’s true that the area is in dire need of regeneration on the Goodwin Walk side of the centre, since successful businesses such as Thakrar’s chemist and Ostler’s Hardwear store were pushed out as a result of Tesco’s plans that never came to fruition (I believe), and meant many units have been boarded up and empty for 17 years now! But are 3-storey flats the right kind of regeneration? Three storey flats will irrevocably change the character of the area, as all the surrounding units are single storey, it will increase traffic to an already congested area and possibly increase anti-social behaviour.

Of course, it could actually help regenerate and improve the area. But I think there should be less flats, at a maximum of 2 storeys. I would be keen to know if there has there been any work done with the police and research of previous developments of this nature to look at the impact and lesson’s learned, as this may give useful insights to managing development of affordable housing that improves an area rather than detracting from it.”

Another added: “I object to this development because the local infrastructure can hardly handle the residents in Werrington at this time.

“It would put more pressure on local services like the doctors, dentists, and such like services not to mention the traffic that would be increased.

“The current bus stop where it is in the Werrington Centre is also a central point for the residents of Werrington both coming and going into town and that should not be moved.”

Residents will now have until November 12 to submit their comments and can do so via Peterborough City Council’s planning portal, searching using reference 20/01113/FUL.