Amended plans for new flats in Werrington submitted for approval

Amended plans for a new development of flats in Werrington have been submitted to Peterborough City Council for approval.

Monday, 21st June 2021, 4:58 am
A proposed view of the flat developments in Staniland Court.
A proposed view of the flat developments in Staniland Court.

Plans for a development of flats in Staniland Court were first submitted in August by property developers KREAM and social impact company Funding Affordable Homes.

Original plans were for two main blocks, three storeys high and a third to the rear, two storeys high to provide 67 flats (35 one bedroom, 30 two bedroom and two three bedroom flats).

The existing outdoor areas would also be relandscaped and there would be 88 parking spaces provided, along with three retail units.

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A site plan for the Staniland Court development.

Now, after reviewing responses from the Neighbourhood Council, councillors and residents, following the consultation period, amended, slightly smaller plans have been submitted.

The changes include:

- The reduction in the number of flats from 67 to 60 (31 one bedroom and 29 two bedroom)

- Provision for 75 parking spaces rather than 88 to allow for amenity garden space for residents

A visual on the planned new bus stop along Goodwin Walk.

- The main blocks 1 and 2 have moved back an additional 2m from the trees along Goodwin Walk

- Block 2 has been reduced by 6.7m wide to allow for landscaping and the opening of the route from the proposed bus stop to the city centre

- Only two retail units will be created in block three to give more privacy to the flats and to provide open space between Goodwin Walk and Werrington Centre

- The blocks have been redesigned to sit comfortably with the architecture of the

Werrington Centre and rest of the surrounding context

- Ground floor flats have been redesigned where relevant to allow views from

the living space to the outside gardens

- The public footpath has been widened extensively between the new bus stop and

the Centre

- New public landscaped amenity space has been introduced between the large block 2 and smaller block 3 and green amenity space added within the development

- Ground floor flats now have front gardens and there is a landscape buffer between the public footpath along Goodwin Walk and the route to the gardens and the private gardens to the development

- The design and layout has been changed to provide natural surveillance, active street frontages, public lighting and additional CCTV surveillance.

In both 2018 and 2019, plans for developments at the Werrington Centre were rejected on the grounds of concerns about anti-social behaviour.

When the original plans were submitted, Peterborough MP Pual Bristow wrote to the council’s planning team to encourage them to pay close attention to the objections of residents.

The plans still have their opponents though, most notably Andy Simmons, the Landlord of The Ploughman on Staniland Way. He has opposed all of the planned developments of the centre in the last four years and has instead called for a sympathetic regeneration of the already oversubscribed Werrington Centre, which would help promote the interests of small businesses.

Residents can submit comments on the revised proposals on the council’s planning portal, which can be accessed here.