Is there a petrol shortage in Peterborough? Fuel stations low on stock at some city forecourts after ‘delivery issues’

Some fuel stations in Peterborough have reported having no petrol or diesel this week

By Adam Barker
Thursday, 7th April 2022, 2:55 pm

Drivers in Peterborough and in other parts of England have struggled to get hold of fuel at some forecourts this week.

Stations without diesel and petrol have begun to put up signs, warning motorists about the lack of supplies in an attempt to prevent long queues from building up.

The lack of petrol and diesel at some city petrol pumps is reportedly down to delivery issues and the knock on effect from protestors, one worker told the Peterborough Telegraph.

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Activists from Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion groups obstructed 10 fuel sites in the Midlands and southern England in the early hours of Friday 1 April, to stand against “expanding UK oil and gas production”.

Protesters were glued on to roads, suspended on bamboo tripods, and locked on to oil drums and each other from around 4am.

It’s understood this has had a knock on effect on the availability of diesel at the pumps, as fuel deliveries have since been delayed.

At Tesco, in Werrington, there was no unleaded petrol or diesel this morning (7 April).

Tesco Petrol Station in Staniland Way had no unleaded fuel earlier on Thursday, 7 April.

An employee said that they are hoping for a delivery tomorrow - but there is it not guaranteed it will arrive.

Esso in Welland Road also had no diesel this morning.

Social media users took to Twitter on April 6 to express their frustration with limited stock.

One man asked: ‘Any #diesel available anywhere in #Peterborough (UK)? Have been trying to fill up since Sunday, fuel light is now on, I don't want another wasted trip to the petrol station today.’

Esso in Welland Road had no diesel earlier on today (7 April).

Another said: ‘I've been on fumes since getting back from Peterborough last night. Leighton Buzzard didn't have early this morning petrol or diesel, managed to get some unleaded in Milton Keynes but they only had two pumps working, so you can imagine the queues!’

It comes as drivers were hit by the largest monthly spike in pump prices on record in March, despite a cut in fuel duty.

The RAC said the average cost of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts rose by 11.6p to end the month at 163.3p.

A handy tool for checking petrol prices is online checker.

Enter your postcode and it will show the cheapest stations in your area, per litre.