The new Amazon Fulfilment Centre at Hampton extension using the former Debenhams premises. Gareth Davies, site leader. EMN-211119-144127009

Amazon in Peterborough marks a first in its European operations in time for Black Friday

Internet giant Amazon is managing two fulfilment centres ‘under one roof’ in Peterborough - in a first for its European operations.

By Paul Grinnell
Monday, 22nd November 2021, 12:30 pm

Ahead of Black Friday Week (November 19 to November 29) Amazon has taken over the former Debenhams distribution centre on Kingston Park and which sits next door to its existing fufilment centre.

Both centres will be managed as a single unit, the first time the online retailer has run two centres as one throughout its European operations.

To add to the challenge, the building was cleared, kitted out and made ready – including screeding the huge floor space - for operation in just two months after being acquired following the collapse of fashion retailer Debenhams.

Gareth Davies, Site Leader at Amazon’s Peterborough fulfilment centre, has been overseeing the expansion and said: “It’s been an incredible team effort to take on the new building, prepare it and then start operations in such a short space of time.

“We have, in effect, just doubled our inventory capacity – ready for our busiest time of year.

Mr Davies added: “It’s the first time this has been done anywhere in our European network, so it’s a significant achievement for the Peterborough team.

“We’re now all set for Black Friday and Christmas customer orders.

“We know our customers will be looking to find incredible deals, and we are ready to bring them an amazing selection of top products and gifts they need and want across every department at great prices.”

The new building is the size of seven football pitches and, like the original building, will hold smaller products – smaller than a Monopoly board – ready for customers to order.

Once ordered, the items will be transferred to the original building where they will be packed and then forwarded to the next stage in the delivery process.

Products will be held in yellow shelving towers more commonly seen in Amazon Robotics fulfilment centres where drive units carry the shelves to people stowing and picking orders.

The last person to leave the former Debenhams building was Jessica Jones who is now the

Engineering Area Manager at Amazon’s fulfilment centre.

Jessica worked for Knapp UK and helped with the closure of the Debenhams operation.

Just as Amazon started work on the new building two months ago, Jessica started her new role at the original fulfilment centre.

Jessica, who lives in Peterborough and started her engineering career in the RAF, followed by working in the power industry, food industry and logistics automation, said: “So much has happened in such a short space of time, but it has been great, I’m really pleased to have made the move.

“Amazon does so much for its employees, they really care about people and there’s a great


“As well as joining the team just as we head into our busiest time of the year, I’m also heavily involved in our Children in Need fund-raisers – it should be great fun.”

There are a number of seasonal roles still available at Amazon’s Peterborough operation – for the latest see


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