LETTER: Litter in Peterborough ‘a disgrace’

Litter dropped in the street EMN-170524-162412009Litter dropped in the street EMN-170524-162412009
Litter dropped in the street EMN-170524-162412009
I couldn’t agree more with the letter last week about Broadway and the amount of litter in the street.

I personally think the whole city is a disgrace.

I live off Thorpe Road and that’s another area that doesn’t have enough litter pickers.

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I have made some ground with the council about more regular cleaning, but it doesn’t last long!

I have lived in Manchester and London previously and considering how much larger ...with much greater population, those cities are spotless in comparison.

It’s pathetic a place the size of Peterborough doesn’t brush up its act!

Get the unemployed out doing clean ups to receive benefit!

Not surprised the city struggles with inward investment.

Jonathan Stockwell