More safe spaces needed in Peterborough for cyclists and pedestrians - LETTER

It was distressing to learn of the accident in which a pedestrian suffered serious injuries when a cyclist collided with him on a footpath in Whittlesey Road.

Saturday, 16th November 2019, 6:00 am

I wish Ray Peckett a full and speedy recovery and hope he will soon regain the confidence to venture out again into what should be a safe space for pedestrians.

Whilst it may be little comfort to the Peckett family it is, however, very rare for a pedestrian to be injured by a cyclist.

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Cycling in traffic

In Great Britain, in 10 years 2007-2016, an average of over 5,400 pedestrians were seriously injured each year in a collision with a vehicle, but of these only 19 per year involved a cyclist on a footway or verge.

It raises the question: ‘Why would someone be cycling on a narrow pavement and not on the adjacent road?’ Is it because many feel too frightened to cycle on the road? We need good quality cycle routes which protect cyclists but do not create a hazard for pedestrians.

Higher priority needs to be given to creating safe space both for pedestrians and cyclists. Space can successfully be shared but it must be properly designed and, as with all road users, a small number of individuals need to be educated to use it responsibly and show more consideration to others.

The city council needs to do more to create safe and convenient cycle routes which will ultimately benefits all road users: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers

Christopher Cooper

CTC Peterborough

(Cycling UK)


Cycle Forum