Three investigations into Cambridgeshire police staff over alleged domestic abuse/sexual offence

Two employees at Cambridgeshire police have been dismissed in the past five years due to either domestic abuse or a sexual offence, while another three are currently being investigated.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 4:58 am

A Freedom of Information request from the Peterborough Telegraph has revealed that 11 allegations of domestic abuse or sexual offence were made against people working at the force between 2016 and the end of 2020 which led to either an arrest or a criminal investigation.

Of those, two people received cautions and were dismissed, five cases were ‘no further actioned’ and three cases remain live.

One other person was dismissed for common assault after “no evidence” was found for an alleged sexual offence.

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Cambridgeshire police

The PT’s FOI also requested historical information, although Cambridgeshire police said it was only able to search records of convictions of officers and staff since 2012 when its current database was introduced.

Using that database, no serving officers or staff are recorded as having convictions for domestic abuse or a sexual offence, but during the period in question three members of the constabulary were convicted of sexual offences and were dismissed or resigned.

However, no information was supplied on any relevant convictions of employees before they joined the force as this would require a “manual search of all vetting records” and would take up too much time.

There are currently 3,075 Cambridgeshire police employees which includes: officers, staff, apprentices, volunteers, specials, PCSOs, agency workers, contractors and cadets.