Anti-mask graffiti to be removed from Peterborough bus stops

Anti-mask graffiti that has been sprayed on bus stops in Peterborough is to be removed by the city council.

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 6:51 am
Updated Monday, 3rd May 2021, 11:03 am
Graffiti on a bus stop in Orton Longueville.

The graffiti, which reads ‘mask=slave’, has been spotted on bus stops in Orton Longueville over the last few months along the busway that runs through the area of the city.

It appears to have been put there as a protest against having to wear masks inside many public places, including buses.

The roadmap the UK is currently on would see all Covid-19 restrictions lifted by June 21 but no date for masks to no longer be mandatory has been officially set.

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Covid is a scam posters in Orton Goldhay.

The graffiti has been reported to Aragon Direct Services who will now remove it on behalf of Peterborough City Council.

It was reported by Orton Longueville Parish Councillor Nick Penniall. In a Facebook post, he said: “There really are some disturbed individuals amongst us. Not only does this show a lack of understanding for the current pandemic, but also the plight of those who have lived and died through slavery both historic and modern.

“If you want to graffiti, then get approval from the area you wish to paint... and perhaps some art lessons to improve your technique.

“This has been swiftly reported.”

Last month, the same slogan was painted on a fence in Orton Goldhay, along with posters put up on bins, lamposts and even the parish council notice board stating: Don’t live in fear! Covid is a scam!” and “Stop lockdowns.”