Coronavirus vaccinations
Coronavirus vaccinations

Where in Peterborough have the most second COVID vaccine doses been given out?

New data has been revealed showing where in Peterborough the most second COVID vaccine doses have been given out.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 6:33 am

The area topping the charts is Central Park, where 2,411 second doses have been given. Longthorpe and Netherton is second on the list, with 2,280.

For people to receive at least one dose, West Town and Woodston is top, with 5,840 people getting their first dose. Longthorpe and Netherton is again in second place, with 5,216.

West Town and Woodston tops the Peterborough charts for total doses given, with 7,930 given out in total.

Again, Longthorpe and Netherton is second, with 7,496.

Yesterday it was revealed 17.7 per cent of the adult population in Peterborough have had their second dose, with 45.3 per cent having had at least one dose.

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