Peterborough’s COVID case rate highest since April - but hospital cases remain low

Peterborough’s COVID case rate is now at it’s highest level since April 17 - but hospitalisations remain at a low level.

The latest government data shows that on June 22, the rate in Peterborough was 49.4 cases per 100,000 people - the highest since April 17, when the case rate in the city was 50.9.

However, Peterborough’s rate is still much lower than the UK Rate a whole, which stands at 123.7.

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A majority of the cases in the city involve people aged under 60. The rate for people aged under 60 stands at 57.2, while the rate for those aged over 60 stands at 17.6.

The cases in Peterborough have not turned into many hospitalisations,

Government data shows that on June 22 there were five COVID patients in hospitals run by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford & Rutland).

On April 17, the last time case rates were as high as they are now, there were 20 patients in the hospitals. At that point in the year cases were falling, whereas now case numbers are increasing - but thousands more people in the city have received vaccinations against COVID in the past few months.

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There is currently one patient in a mechanically ventilated bed.

The last COVID related death (Within 28 days of a positive test) in Peterborough was on April 16.

Vaccination take up rates in Peterborough remain well below the national rates - across the UK, 84.1 per cent of the population has had at least one dose, and 61.6 per cent have had both doses. In Peterborough, the figures stand at 64.4 per cent for first doses, and 44 per cent for second doses.