New community use 3G football pitch to be installed at Peterborough school

Approval has been given for a new community use 3G football pitch to be installed at a Peterborough school.

An aerial view of the pitch at St John Fisher.
An aerial view of the pitch at St John Fisher.

St John Fisher Catholic High School on Park Lane has been successful in its application to Peterborough City Council to refurbish the artificial pitch on its site.

The pitch was installed when the whole school building was refurbished in 2009 and is now at the end of its life.

The pitch is currently used by the school as well as junior football club Park Farm Pumas, Peterborough Northern Star and Peterborough United. The refurbished pitch will remain available to the community, with Sport England insisting, as part of the consultation, that use of the pitch will not begin until a community-use agreement has been submitted and approved by the Local Planning Authority.

A booking system will be in place and will be operated by the school.

The full refurbishment of the facility will include resurfacing the existing Astro Turf Pitch with a new 3G artificial grass pitch surface, a 4.5m high fence around the perimeter with a 0.5m wooden kickboard to the base, an LED floodlighting system with 13m high columns and an equipment store facility.

The application states: “The proposed refurbishment will replace the pitch surface which is necessary to renew life cycle and functionality, along with introducing replacement ballstop fencing, modern and improved LED lighting system, clean access and site furniture; all required to modernise the sports pitch in accordance with The Football Association’s (FA)technical guidance technical guidance and current standards.

“The project need has been established through partnership work between the school and the local community and will provide updated football facilities at the school. The original pitch was put in place when the site was redeveloped and is now at end of life. It has provided good service to both the school and to local users but the surface is worn and the facilities require replacement or refurbishment.

“In terms of format of the game we would be looking at both 5 a side and 11 a side formats for both affiliated and unaffiliated clubs.

“The aim would be to provide better facilities for clubs and leagues in the local area, supporting growth and retention, and providing a high-quality facility

which brings long-term sustainability to the organisations and clubs who would hope to use it. The hope would be to generate benefits for both football and for wider community development leading to better outcomes in health, education, wellbeing, participation and volunteering. The impact of a new facility will generate positivity for the school and the community.”