Peterborough business hails sacrifices of staff to help victims of flooding

A Peterborough compliance business has hailed the sacrifices of its staff in order to help victims of flooding in the city.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 6:10 am
Staff at McIntyre Compliance Services. Left to right: Ben Copestake, Luke Bonney, Jeanette Gourlay, Graeme Taylor, Patrick Looney, Dan Newstead and Jamie Fielding.

Earlier this month (July 9), Peterborough was hit by torrential rain that left streets flooded, buildings damaged and more properties without power.

This, understandably, saw a major spike in the number of emergency call outs being made. One such company that were dealing with an unusually high number of call outs was McIntyre Compliance Services based in Glinton.

At the height of the downpours, they were dealing with around 80 calls an hour. The rain did not begin until around 6pm, so the worst of the problems were all caused out of hours.

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Normally at the time, just one engineer, who could expect to work between 10 and 15 jobs would be on shift. Due to the demand, however, five engineers had to be drafted in, including one pulled in from the Midlands.

This saw many change their plans at short notice, including one engineer cancelling a weekend away and an Office Manager getting back out into the hands-on world with his tools.

Those on call were out travelling in the weather dealing with everything from homes left without power, leaking roofs, in some cases on to live electrics and other emergency works helping the residents of Peterborough during the freak event.

Many chose to work throughout the weekend, despite already having existing plans.

The company, originally founded as McIntyre Electrical Services has a long and proud tradition as a Peterborough-based business.

Originally an electrical contractor, they now employ over 200 staff and provide electrical and fire life safety for customers all over the UK, with large amounts of their work concentrated in London, the South East, the Midlands and the East of England.

The company is a trusted partner for compliance safety services in the social housing sector and looks after an estimated 20,000 in the Peterborough area.

Chief Executive Officer Graeme Taylor said: “I am proud of the efforts undertaken by the MCS team during what was an awful night for so many Peterborough residents.

“I know the team made a huge difference to our customers and I would like to thank them for sacrificing their weekend to help others.

“They really went above and beyond and I know that as a result of their actions both them and their families didn’t really have a weekend. They weren’t just doing the jobs they were trained in either, they were doing whatever was necessary to help our residents, whether that be filling sandbags or clearing furniture etc. We are so grateful for their sacrifice.”