TV Supervet Noel bringing his One Medicine message to Peterborough

Noel Fitzpatrick
Noel Fitzpatrick

Channel 4’s Supervet - Professor Noel Fitzpatrick - brings his live show Welcome To My World to Peterborough later this month.

The East of England Arena will on November 23 host the TV favourite, who first came to prominence in a 2010 BBC documentary entitled The Bionic Vet, which saw Noel develop new methods and techniques.

In 2014, Channel 4 commissioned a new series with Noel – a world-class orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon recognised and respected globally - and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals, The Supervet, which has now run for 10 series.

Welcome to my World will be a feast of stories about Noel’s journey from early life on an Irish farm to the international ground-breaking scientific medical advancements that have changed the world for animals, and could do the same for humans.

At the heart of the show is Noel’s One Medicine message. Why is it, in a world where every penny spent on health is precious, that the worlds of human and animal health do not work more closely?

Frustrated by this lack of collaboration, Noel set up the Humanimal Trust, a charity dedicated to bringing together vets, doctors and researchers so that all humans and animals benefit from sustainable and equal medical progress but not at the expense of the life of an animal.