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Have you tried laser-tagging? It’s been 20 years of fun at Peterborough’s Laserforce

Fun-seekers have been shooting ‘em up for 20 years now at Peterborough’s Laserforce, but it has been a difficult last 15 months for the venue.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 5:00 am

Laserforce opened the Brook Street arena on June 5, 2001, using the very latest laser tag system available at that time– - and it has stayed at the forefront of technology ever since.

Unfortunately the covid restrictions introduced in March 2020 have meant that since then the arena has only been allowed to open for three months, most recently since last month.

Since opening on May 14, the venue has only been able to offer a limited number of game slots each day in order to provide a covid-secure environment, so pre-booking on a new on-line booking system through the Laserforceuk website has been essential.

Martin Nash, founder and operator of Laserforce Peterborough said: “The frustration of the past year is hopefully behind us but running a business that provides fun and enjoyment to people of all ages is a privilege – and after 20 years I still get a buzz when I see the smiles on people’s faces.

“In the past 20 years over 50,000 players have signed up to membership with over two million individual missions being played. It has been great to see older members return with their own children and they find it as much fun as when they first played.

“You are never too old to a play Laserforce.”

Looking back on the opening two decades ago, Martin recalls: “The Red and Green Battle suits were heavy but were the first generation to have live connection to the games computer providing audio real time updates during the game and a membership-based system that recorded a player’s game stats.

“The arena was also one of the first in the country to have a multi-levels with interactive targets including the Navigator, a target that talked and shot back.”

Laserforce has continued to invest in the latest versions of laser tag system, and 2007 saw the introduction of lighter multicoloured battle-suits with the option of multi-team games, each with their own colour.

There were further software upgrades including an animated live time score screen, improved audio and visual effects on the vest and a touch-screen member’s kiosk with mission achievements as well as the member’s game records.

“In 2015 the next generation of Laserforce system was introduced,” Martin added. “This included replacing the lead-acid with lithium batteries so further reduced the weight of vest allowing younger players to enjoy the experience.

“In 2017 the size of the games arena was increased and further interactive targets, including the Warbot, another interactive target that guards a section of the arena was added.”

And bringing things right up to date, which includes what players can expect now, Martin explained: “New battle suits and layout in 2019 saw the introduction of a new type of target, the beacons, which deliver players bonus power-ups during the game, plus further expansion of the members system included avatars and Internet connectivity.

“This allows members to access their mission stats online and compare themselves with the Laserforce players across the world.”

You can find out more, and go to book a slot at Laserforce in Peterborough, at

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