First look inside Turtle Bay - a taste of the Caribbean

The boards are down and '¨Peterborough's new Caribbean restaurant and bar - Turtle Bay - has been revealed.... well almost.

The public won’t get a proper look inside until the opening - scheduled for June 25 - so The Peterborough Telegraph was invited down to take an early peek inside.

It’s a terrific look - it certainly invokes memories of the Caribbean.

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Add to that an eclectic cuisine that is influenced by a rich tapestry of ethnicities – from Creole to South Asian, there’s a big variety of vibrant tastes and flavours on offer: From the signature dish of jerk chicken cooked in the jerk pit, through classics such as goat curr, Bajan beef cheeks, slow braised beef rib and jammin’ lamb burger.

Not to mention the quite stunning rum cocktail menu, which is the product of a 
rum collection that includes no less than 40 different 

“We’re really excited to be bringing fabulous Caribbean food and cocktails to Peterborough. There’s nothing else like it in the area and it’s going to be a hot new addition to the scene,” said a spokeswoman.

Well judge for yourself.