Cambridgeshire residents invited to participate in police Community Scrutiny Panel Training

Residents of Cambridgeshire are invited to participate in Award-Winning police Community Scrutiny Panel Training which will take place in May. The JPS scrutiny panel which oversees Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire armed police, dogs police and road police units is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for residents over the age of 16 to participate in our renowned Community Scrutiny Panel training. Chaired by the award-winning Montell Neufville MCIM, this panel has been recognised as a best practice model in community scrutiny.
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The interactive training will be delivered on 1st May 2024 virtually, at 18.00 hours for two hours, and is delivered by panel chair and facilitator Montell Neufville who is a seasoned professional trainer and facilitator with an unwavering commitment to transparency, fairness, and community engagement, has emerged as one of the best known trainers and an influential figure in British policing.

Montell Neufville's forward-thinking approach has led to the development of groundbreaking police ideas such as the PLANTER Framework, used to assess police powers: Montell introduced the PLANTER framework which is used to reflect the use of force stands for

  • P – was the amount of force used proportionate for the risk faced by the officer?

  • L – was the length of time the force used acceptable?

  • A –did the actions of the member of the public warrant force to be used?

  • N –was it necessary to use force to protect the officer or members of the public in that situation?

  • T –was the type of force used the minimum appropriate level to achieve compliance?

  • E –was it ethical to use force in the situation?

  • R –was it reasonable for the officer to use force? This is an overall assessment

Montell Neufville scrutiny panel chairMontell Neufville scrutiny panel chair
Montell Neufville scrutiny panel chair
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This can be found on he College of Policing best practice website:

This method helps scrutiny panels evaluate police use-of-force incidents. This acronym emphasizes fairness, impartiality, and transparency, ensuring that community scrutiny remains effective and meaningful. The scrutiny panel is keen to reach out to Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire community groups, colleges, universities and sports groups to encourage people to participate within the training.

The JPS Community Scrutiny Panel plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and impartiality within our police service. As a panel member, you will have the opportunity to review body worn videos of police use of force involving the public, providing valuable feedback that helps improve services and ensures greater accountability.

By participating, you'll gain insights into how and why police powers are used, and what the expectations are when police officers use force. Our panel is large and diverse, representing a pool of around fifty people from various backgrounds, ages, genders, and ethnicities.

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How to Get Involved. If you live, work, or study in Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire and are passionate about community engagement, we invite you to join our virtual training session on May 1, 2024 at 18.00 hours. This is your chance to contribute to positive change and make a difference in policing. Anyone interested can email [email protected]