The Island with Bear Grylls looking for Peterborough contestants

The producers of a TV survival show are looking for Peterborough adventurers to test their skills in the wilderness.

Wednesday, 26th July 2017, 3:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:09 pm

Channel Four’s The Island with Bear Grylls takes the explorer and a group of volunteers to a remote location and tests them to the limit.

Contestants are stripped of all the comforts of civilisation, and cast away on a deserted island. They film themselves, and share their raw story of survival.

Applicants need to be fit and able-bodied, over the age of 18, and able to demonstrate one or more particular skills. They are recruited from a variety of backgrounds and professions, and do not need to have any previous exploring or survival experience.

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The TV company covers loss of earnings for participants during filming.

Bear Grylls described the show as: “Lord of the Flies meets Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Man has moved further and further from his hunter-gatherer origins. We take food, shelter, warmth for granted; we barely have to expend any time and energy to get them. I want to find out what happens when you strip people of all the comforts of modern life.”

The deadline for applications is August 7.