Band make it big in small country

A Peterborough band who set out to make it big in Europe were given the royal seal of approval - when a reigning prince wrote to tell them he enjoyed their music.

Sunday, 28th January 2018, 12:00 pm
OPAQUE in Liechtenstein

OPAQUE set out on a quest to become ‘the biggest band in Liechtenstein’ two years ago, and played a gig for The Prince’s Party on one of the biggest public holidays in the tiny European country.

While there, the band met Prince Hans Adam II - and the prime minister and the rest of the royal family - with lead singer Moony handing him a CD and t-shirt. Later the prince wrote a letter to the band,

Now the band have released a video to tell the tale of their adventure.

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Moony meets the prince

The video was put together by James Newton Chadwick, a friend of Moony’s.

He said: “The whole idea was that OPAQUE were a completely unknown foreign band, you could count the number of people who even knew who they were the day we arrived. But in just a few days we’d have to make them the most talked about thing in the whole country because we had a 200 person venue to fill at the end of the week...

“In honesty, though, we thought that whether we succeeded or not, there was just something really funny about going to the least rock and roll sounding place on earth and lording it about the place pretending OPAQUE are a massive deal. Our main aim was just to take a silly idea and follow it wherever it led us.”

James said the band had hoped to meet the prince but had no plans how to do it - with Moony suggesting they ‘knock on the castle door to see if he comes down in his dressing gown.”

Moony meets the prince

The band are now planning their next adventure - with plans including playing on the summit of Ben Nevis to make the gig the highest in the UK, or a concert in the catacombs in Paris.

The video of the Liechtenstein adventure is available to watch on OPAQUE’s Facebook page.