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Win a DAB radio to listen to Star Radio’s breakfast show stars – the bubbly Ros and Josh

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Thursday, 1st April 2021, 8:11 am
Win a DAB radio with Ros and Josh from Peterborough’s Star Radio

You’d think getting up at 4.30am would put you on a Debbie Downer for the day … but for Peterborough’s own fabulous radio duo, Ros and Josh, nothing could be further from the truth.

Powered by copious cups of hot water (Ros) and leftover lasagne and fresh coffee (Josh), this fun-filled pair have been leading the flagship breakfast show on Star, Peterborough’s only local commercial radio station broadcasting from Cambridgeshire, since January 2020, which you can now listen to on DAB digital radio.

They will be familiar faces and voices to many though, even before launching a show which has kept people’s spirits up right through lockdown. They’ve spent more than a decade on the airwaves in and around Cambridgeshire – who could forget Josh abseiling down the Peterborough Cathedral dressed as Spiderman, or the pair switching on the Christmas lights in their own high-energy way?

That meant they were the number one choice when Star was selecting the new presenters to wake up Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

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We grabbed our own energy drink and half an hour of their time to find out what makes them tick, why they love Peterborough so much and just what makes the perfect radio show – read on, then answer the Ros and Josh question at the end to be in with a chance of winning a DAB radio.

Why the breakfast show? It must be extra challenging.

Ros: I’ve being doing morning shows for 20 years … the breakfast show is the flagship show of the station, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body’s so used to it, I wake up at 4.30am even on my days off and on holiday. You get so much done by rising early too, I love it.

Josh: I’m a hyperactive person, and mornings suit me. I love getting up before the rest of the city does, having the peace and calm around me, then bringing high energy right through the show. We play lots of songs, but whenever we are on mic it’s full of energy and fun.

You must need some amount of calories to keep that energy level up?

Josh: I think a main meal’s the perfect thing for breakfast. Lasagne, spaghetti Bolognese, that kind of thing.

Ros: Or that time we both had macaroni cheese during the show, that was great!

Josh: Ros brings in cake, and sometimes we’ll eat a full cake between us. There was that time she brought in a birthday cake for a colleague, and we had eaten it before they arrived for work!

Okay, e-numbers play a big part … so how do you wind down?

Ros: I don’t. For me you’re either up and awake, or you’re not. So I might hit the gym to help me come down, but normally I’m just pretty full on right til bedtime around 10pm.

Josh: I’ve got so much adrenaline pumping round me (and sugar) that I’m always buzzing after the show! I’ve been helping my girlfriend home school her kids Rosie (8) and Charlie (9), so that’s kept me busy. I’ve been Head of Maths and the school Janitor! Seriously, working on the breakfast show probably helped a lot with home schooling … my job’s to keep people entertained and engaged, so that worked with Rosie and Charlie.

In theory I go to bed at 7.30pm every night, but I never do. There’s always Lego to be played with, or Line of Duty to watch …

Your show is packed with music – what are your favourites?

Ros: I absolutely love Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, that really gets me going, and anything by Alison Moyet helps me wind down.

Josh: Dario G’s Sunchyme is my absolute favourite, it’s got that real 90s summer vibe. I was brought up with a house filled with music, my dad loved Dire Straits, so anything by them, especially Sultans of Swing works for me to chill out.

Star has brought you back to your favourite city … what do you love?

Ros: I just loving wandering around Cathedral Square, and I can’t wait to start meeting friends for lunch

Josh: I love going down Bishop’s Road at this time of year and seeing all the daffodils by the Lido … it’s definitely how Peterborough welcomes the arrival of spring.

But when we can travel further?

Ros: If it’s not Ferry Meadows then it’s got to be France for me, I love it there.

Josh: I’d go to Snowdon, pitch a tent at the bottom and spend all day climbing. Or go to Ibiza!

You can tune in to hear Ros and Josh on air Monday to Friday from 6am on DAB digital radio, your smart speaker or via the free Star Radio app.

Competition entry

To win a fantastic Pure Elan DAB radio, simply answer this question:

Once travel is allowed again, where in Europe does Ros want to head to first?

France B) Portugal C) Germany

Click here to enter the competition. Closing date is 11.59pm on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Usual terms and conditions apply.