Platform8 - bringing you a festival of theatre for Peterborough

by Brad Barnes

Monday, 6th November 2017, 12:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 7:29 am

The official launch was last night but through until Sunday there are events popping up at The Key Theatre. The Pyramid Centre in Bretton and The Undercroft Theatre in Serpentine Green in Hampton.

The local theatre company is producing Platform8 in partnership with London’s award-winning Battersea Arts Centre. Whether its music and laughter, drama and passion, or a chance to create a unique memory with your children, there is something for everyone.

In The Undercroft Theatre in Serpentine Green in Hampton will be the Edinburgh Festival smash-hit The Castle Builder, by comedy-genius Vic Llewellyn and pop and punk icon Kid Carpet, on Friday and Saturday. Described by audiences as a cross between a “TedTalk and a rock gig” the show is packed with stories and songs about people who don’t wait for permission to do crazy things, like building castles in the Colarado desert, or the postman who wanted a palace on his veg patch.

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After an hour of stories, songs and smashing things up, you will leave you with a smile on your face and the determination to make something, whether it’s a creation in your shed or a cake in your kitchen.

Tickets are £11 (£6 for students, recommended 12+.)

Kid Carpet is also performing one of his anarchic family shows, Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show, in The Undercroft, for one performance only on Saturday. You can show your little ones how to rock-out in a fun afternoon event described as “The Mighty Boosh for kids”and includes games, such as the penguin race and The Grand Dance Contest, and silly songs, such as our favourite about how scary it is to have to do A Poo In A Forest.

Perfect material for 3-8 year olds, and only £5 for all tickets.

InAlmost Always Muddy at The Pyramid Centre in Bretton, also only £5 each, from Friday to Sunday, Likely Story Theatre and Kirsty Harris will open up a junkyard of treasure for children. The audience are invited to do what they want with an over-grown Meccano set of planks, pallets, barrels and boxes, especially adapted for children to build a world of adventure.

The performers then have to, guided by the young audience (aged 5-12) create a new and unique story of danger and courage for the show’s puppet characters.

Is it better to have loved and lost, or never to have loved before? Don’t miss Ross & Rachel by James Fritz at The Key Theatre today and tomorrow. This is another award-winning show which has grabbed audiences and acclaim in London and New York.

“Who doesn’t like to pore over the details of someone else’s relationships” explains Jumped Up’s Producer, Kate Hall,“especially when it looks perfect, from the outside. And when the performance is astounding as this one, it’s a night not to be missed.”

Tickets are £11 (£6 for students).

Every season Jumped Up also commission a homegrown project by a local company, and The Dream Catcher is the most ambitious yet.

This is a digital project, using film and Virtual Reality, by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell of One-To-One Development Trust.

They have been capturing the dreams and aspirations of the city and putting them into this installation, which is open to the public, from 4pm-8pm, until Saturday in The Undercroft Theatre in Serpentine Green.

“We have rooms full of butterflies, a menagerie of animals, travel and artistic ambitions, and many more dreams” explains Judi.

“This will appeal to anyone who loves gaming, digital literature, or design, and is free to experience.”

To book tickets for any of the performances go to