New Street Fighter, new moves, new year hype

We may only be halfway through 2015 but Street Fighter V is already fast becoming the mostly hotly anticipated game of next year.

By Damien Lucas
Saturday, 27th June 2015, 11:55 am
Classic character Chun-Li once again appears in the latest Street Fighter
Classic character Chun-Li once again appears in the latest Street Fighter

Announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week, Street Fighter’s fifth game in the legendary series quickly became one of the highlights.

Just like the game’s previous versions, SFV promises to offer new gameplay mechanics in the form of V-Skills and V-Triggers.

In SF3, developers introduced the parry system while the latest game saw the inclusion of focus attacks.

Apparently all the characters in in SFV will have their own unique V-Skill and V-Trigger abilities.

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    The V-Skill option can be activated by pressing two specific medium buttons at the same time. The V-Trigger on the other hand can be activated by mashing two heavy buttons simultaneously.

    There will also be special moves which vary with each character. A good example of that is Ryu’s V-Skill move which allows the character to parry an attack which makes the cover character the only character in the game to have a specific parry move.

    Developers Capcom said it will also introduce the V-Reversals mechanics which increases the characters V-Meter when successfully executing a reversal move.

    Additionally, V-Reversals also allow players to perform unique counter-attacking moves.

    Reversals do not inflict as much damage as normal attacks but it is important in terms of cancelling combos as well as setting space.

    Excitingly, Capcom revealed it is planning to release a Beta version of SFV before the end of the year.

    The game’s estimated release date is expected to be within the first quarter of 2016. As reported in this column previously, SFV will be a PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive with Xbox One gamers missing out...