A little piece on animal magic that is timeless

It might have taken 35 years or more to bring Dear Zoo to the stage, but it has certainly been worth the wait.

Dear Zoo
Dear Zoo

The timeless children’s classic book - by author and illustrator Rod Campbell - is touring and I caught it yesterday at The Core in Corby with my three-year-old, who like the rest of the young auidience was more than familiar with the story.

The set was bright, the characters engaging and the storyline - just like the lift-the-flap book - very self explanatary and easy to follow.

No wonder it has sold more than eight million copies worldwide.

The puppets were anticipated (such is the popularity of the book) and instantly recognisable and likeable, from the fierce lion to the naughty monkey, and there were plenty of opportiunities for audience participation with simple, catchy singalong tunes.

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    And of course it had a happy ending.

    You can see it today (Monday, April 9) at The Core and again, locally, on May31/June 1 at The Lighthouse in Kettering.