Gruesome tales and ghostly goings on in Peterborough

Discover hidden secrets and search for clues this summer as Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery in Priestgate relaunches its tours, trails and Escape Rooms.

By Brad Barnes
Friday, 29th July 2022, 1:01 pm
The Vaults Escape Rooms
The Vaults Escape Rooms

There are family friendly city centre tours as well as others more suitable for adults and, of course, Escape Rooms in the museum vaults for the thrill seekers. Paranormal investigation groups have come from all over the world and reported spooky goings in one of the city’s most haunted building, with most activity recorded in the Vaults!

City Tours

Good at spotting clues? How about tracking down trails?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer holidays, it’s your chance to turn “Time Detective” at Peterborough Museum and around the city centre.

Set off on a fun, family tour of the city centre with your costumed detective guide and track down surprising stories from Peterborough’s past.

The thrills, spills and all the gory details of the city will be laid bare.

Find out how a string of sausages brought Peterborough to a standstill and how a turtle took his revenge.

Get on the trail of marauding Vikings, body snatchers and even exploding rats!

You’ll never look at Peterborough in the same way again...

For grown ups there will be two new tours coming soon. Queen’s Great will explore the Victorian streets that are now under Queensgate shopping centre, and a Taste of Peterborough will tell you all about the food and drink and of Peterborough gone by.

For the brave hearted, the Vaults tour of museum cellars will interest you. Head below the museum to hear some of the really spooky stories about the people who once lived and worked in the building.

And if you don’t know where to start, a Hidden Heritage tour of the city centre will tell you everything you need to know about Peterborough.

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Museum Vaults

Vaults Tours are Tues, Thurs at 11am and Sat at both 11am and 2.30pm. £5 adults, £3

children £10 families.

Brough to life through projections and characters from this buildings history, we will take you through 500 years of changing hands and uses.

From the grand home of a wealthy Tudor family to the city’s first infirmary, not all tales are for the faint hearted however, as you hear a selection of stories from one of Peterborough’s most haunted buildings.

Escape Rooms

See the Priestgate Vaults like never. Can you Hunt for the hidden information about the King in Sir Humphrey Orme’s Tudor House? Thomas Cooke has stashed away some valuable treasures in his wine cellar, do you have what it takes to steal them before he notices? Or are you brave enough to save one of your own teammates from being Buried Alive?

Designed for groups of 2 - 5 people (family teams only or groups of people aged 16 and above), the three escape rooms see you be locked in the room with 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles, riddles, brain teaser and clues to escape.

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