Glastonbury gigs await Peterborough’s East West fusion band Kissmet

Peterborough’s East West fusion band Kissmet have landed one of the biggest gigs of the year - Glastonbury - for a sixth time.

Friday, 10th May 2019, 11:30 am
Peterborough's Kissmet are heading to Glastonbury - again.
Peterborough's Kissmet are heading to Glastonbury - again.

The band fuses traditional Indian Punjabi folk music - Bhangra - with western Rock music. Their songs are a seamless blend of English, Punjabi and Hindi and the band concentrates on bridging the cultural gaps in society by working to bring people of all colours and communities together by fusing the positive energy in Eastern and Western music together.

The band has performed all over the world but on June 29, will dash from a festival near Hastings to Glastonbury for a midnight performance in the Green Fields area and another the following day.

Kissmet was formed by three Peterborough born and bred brothers, Ron, Buzz and Max Singh.

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Ron, performer and manager, said: “We grew up in the Cromwell Road area of town, the most multicultural and diverse part of the city, hence, we were in an environment where all types of music were around us. Our Dad and Uncle ran the local Indian cinema so it was all Punjabi and Bollywood music at home but, at school, we were listening to anything from Genesis to Led Zeppelin to Cream.

“Also, around us in the local area, we could hear the Islamic call to prayer from the Mosque, the uplifting music of the gospel choir from the Pentecostal Church, reggae from the Marcus Garvey Rastafarian Centre, Qwalli, Shabad, Ghazal, etc.

“Consequently, when it came to writing and performing our own material, we found we could change styles and languages effortlessly.”

Although the band has not performed locally for some time, they are in talks regards something later this year. At the moment, they are writing material for a new album, “One People” which should be available by the end of summer.