Sin Central at The Met Lounge in Peterborough last week

A sell-out night of drum and bass with Sin Central in Peterborough

Sin Central’s latest big night of drum & bass at The Met Lounge in Peterborough was another sell-out success.

By Brad Barnes
Saturday, 2nd July 2022, 6:00 am

Veterans of the scene Ego Trippin – a collective since 1999 and an integral part of Low Down Deep headlined with support from Nexus b2b XK, Subsinner b2b Dsire, Dkoi, Elexa b2b Izatt, Undisclosed b2b Mvydvy and Mr Full Send.

Hosts were Buzz B, Bad Boys Active (TJAY & MCBC), Mooks, Dux, Drax, and Boy Bellers.

Sin Central will be back at The Met later in the summer.

Here’s the photo gallery from the May event – Black.

PHOTOS: Mitchell Brewster.

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