Sack the useless managers or you’ll never catch Liverpool or City

Sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
Sack Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
I don’t support them. I never have done, but I desperately want Manchester United to be great again.

And not just to shut those tedious and childish Liverpool fans up, the ones who seem to take as much pleasure in Old Trafford misery as they do in their own club’s success.

I’d like Arsenal to become decent to watch again as well. I’ve never supported them either, but I don’t like the way the Premier League is heading. It will soon be like the Scottish League of the past with only two teams capable of finishing first.

And no true football fan should want that.

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Sack Mauricio PochetinnoSack Mauricio Pochetinno
Sack Mauricio Pochetinno

I’ve written this season off already. Liverpool and Manchester City are not even playing anywhere near their best and yet it’s obvious they will finish 25 points or so clear of the rest again.

But United, Arsenal and Spurs need to get their acts together quickly to stop it becoming an annual Premier League procession for the top two.

It can’t happen though until managers Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Unai Emery and Mauricio Pochettino are sacked.

Solskjaer has always been out of his depth and United’s remarkable Champions League win at PSG last season has done the club more harm than good.

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Sack Unai EmerySack Unai Emery
Sack Unai Emery

That success, after a dodgy penalty award remember, prompted some normally sane judges like Gary Neville to demand their old teammate was given the job permanently.

Now they have a rookie boss trying to run a club with an inept chief executive in Ed Woodward and dysfunctional players in an unbalanced squad, many of whom are earning salaries way beyond their performance levels.

How Woodward can sanction a massive pay deal for United goalkeeper David de Gea just as his form fell off a cliff beggars belief. It was mind-bogglingly incompetent, but not all that surprising for a club who can pay Marcus Rashford millions even though he will need to score a handful of penalties to get into double figures for goals this season.

Emery seems like a personable chap, but he should have been shown the Emirates Stadium door as soon as he identified David Luiz as the man to cure the club’s defensive problems.

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Arsenal are so bad they should have lost at United on Monday in a game which should have had the likes of Leicester and even West Ham licking their lips at the prospect of Champions League football next season.

I used to like Pochetinno, but he’s a stuck record at press conferences before and after matches now.

I assume he, like me, sees a team only likely to travel backwards this season and he wants out.

He has more talent than Solksjaer and Emery though so he might be the man to revive United, although part of me wants Roy Keane to get the job just for laughs.

Useless, lazy Paul Pogba wouldn’t know what had hit him.