Peterborough Lions official wants Peterborough RUFC coach sacked for his 'insulting' comments

Peterborough RUFC coach Shane Manning. Photo: Mick SutterbyPeterborough RUFC coach Shane Manning. Photo: Mick Sutterby
Peterborough RUFC coach Shane Manning. Photo: Mick Sutterby
​Peterborough Lions treasurer Nicola Reynolds has demanded Peterborough RUFC distance themselves from Shane Manning’s comments and then sack him.

​Reynolds sent a statement to the PT this week and called Borough coach Manning’s description of Lions as a ‘vanity project’ for chairman Andy Moore an ‘insult’.

Reynolds wrote: “I was appalled to read the outrageous comments from Peterborough RUFC’s coach.

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"His reference to the club being our chairman’s ‘vanity project’ is frankly insulting to the dozens of volunteers who work hard at the club every week to keep it running.

“Lions 1st XV is only a tiny part of what happens at Bretton Park. Lions provide (and fund) weekly activities allowing local residents to use the site for leisure and sport.

"Volunteers are at the club from 8.00am every Sunday morning to set up our junior parkrun, offering a free activity for children in a safe and controlled environment.

"We also host a hugely successful ladies’ American football team, junior football, mini and junior rugby, netball, community projects and local groups – every one of these is hosted free of charge.

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"Lions volunteers give up their time to support local festivals, parties and other fundraising events put on by local community groups.

"We constantly strive to improve our facility and encourage the people of Peterborough to use it. This sounds like a ‘community’ club to me – I wonder if Borough can say the same?

"All this is made possible by the chairman and the club members’ hard work in securing funding for ongoing projects.

“Rugby as a sport is in crisis. Clubs all over the country are struggling to raise a team to play each week. The game does not need people creating unnecessary animosity. Club rivalry is one thing, but out and out attacks on individuals are unacceptable.

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“Manning refers to people being ‘bought in’. Does that mean he coaches at Borough free of charge? If not, his comments are nothing short of total hypocrisy.

“I would like to see a statement from PRUFC to clarify whether or not the club endorses their coach’s comments. If so, I will be taking the matter further. If not, I would call for him to be sacked with immediate effect.’