RESULTS: Brown sinks Shipp

Northants captain Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) beat county team-mate Howard Shipp (Parkway) 20-13 in the County two-bowl triples semi-final.

Thursday, 13th July 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:41 am
Joan Robinson.

Shipp did make progress in the three-bowls triples, beating Nick Wilkie (Blackstones) 19-18 in a quarter-final.

The rinks of Joan Robinson (Yaxley) will play Chris Ford (Ketton) in the ladies pairs final after semi-final wins over Sarah Newson (Parkway) and Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough).


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Three-bowl triples, quarter-finals: Howard Shipp (Parkway) bt Nick Wilkie (Blackstones) 19-18; Lee Welsford (Whittlesey Manor) bt Thomas Fielding (Blackstones) 17-12; Mike Robertson (Parkway) bt Richard Montgomery (Langtoft Pearl) 21-17; Melvyn Beck (Whittlesey Manor) bt John Steels (West Ward) 24-13.

Two-bowl triples, semi-finals: Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) bt Howard Shipp (Parkway) 20-13.

Adams Cup, quarter-finals: Parkway bt Langtoft Pearl 65-53; West Ward A bt City of Peterborough C 74-36; Yaxley Kites bt West Ward B 58-56; Whittlesey Manor bt Ryhall 72-45.


Senior pairs, semi-finals: Pearl O’Brien (Deeping) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 22-20; Kathy Browning (Yaxley) bt Sheila Craig (Conservative) 14-12.

Three-bowl triples, semi-finals: Glenys Edwards (Ketton) bt Val Newson (Parkway) 20-19; Kathy Browning (Yaxley) bt Carol Grief (Crowland) 20-10.

Pairs, semi-finals: Joan Robinson (Yaxley) bt Sarah Newson (Parkway) 20-15; Chris Ford (Ketton) bt Fiona Richardson (City of Peterborough) 20-15.



Pairs, quarter-finals: Tristan Morton (Parkway) bt Simon Leader (Warboys) 29-8; Howard Shipp (Parkway) bt Andrew Thurston (Parkway) 27-14; Mike Robertson (Parkway) bt Eric Baker (Papworth) 24-3; Matt Saunders (Bra mpton) bt Richard Fisher (Papworth) 27-9.

Triples, quarter-finals: Robbie Coleman (Brampton) bt Stuart Reynolds (Parkway) 23-11; Tristan Morton (Parkway) bt Stuart Popple (Parkway) 22-11; Eric Baker (Papworth) bt Lindsay Swannell (Warboys) 17-5; Jim Ruddy (West Ward) bt Nicky Brett (Warboys) 23-21.

Fours, quarter-finals: Robbie Coleman (Brampton) bt Eric Baker (Papworth) 21-16; Nicky Brett (Warboys) bt Richard Fisher (Papworth) 25-17; Stuart Popple (Parkway) bt Barry Kitto (Eynesbury) 22-21; Stuart Woodcock (Whittlesey Manor) bt Peter Brown (Whittlesey Manor) 22-12.

Stuart & Co Shield, quarter-finals: Eynesbury bt City of Peterborough 33-32; Brampton bt Sawtry 40-23.

Walkovers: Parkway, Warboys.


Pairs, quarter-finals: Val Newson (Parkway) bt Sabrina Parnell (Brampton) 24-12; Catherine Popple (Parkway) bt Karen Leader (Sawtry) 20-17; Pat Reynolds (Parkway) bt Jane Baldwin (St Ives) 17-10; Merisha McKernan (Parkway) bt Heather McKillop (Houghton & W) 22-15.

Triples, quarter-finals: Julie Masters (Parkway) bt Jane Baldwin (St Ives) 15-13; Pat Reynolds (Parkway) bt Karen Leader (Sawtry) 24-16; Catherine Popple (Parkway) bt Carole Hickey (Houghton & Wyton) 19-7.

Walkover: Sheila Craig (Conservative).

Fours, quarter-finals: Catherine Popple (Parkway) bt Sabrina Parnell (Brampton) 24-15; Jane Baldwin (St Ives) bt Ann Cooper (Yaxley) 23-10; Pat Reynolds (Parkway) bt Val Corn (Buckden) 23-12; Andrea Rose (Ramsey) bt Sheila Craig (Conservative) 22-9.


Champion of Champions, quarter-finals: Mick Linnell (West Ward) bt Steve Farrant (Warboys) 21-9; David Woolford (Somersham) bt Sabrina Parnell (Brampton) 21-15; Richard Fisher (Papworth) bt Robbie Coleman (Brampton) 21-19; Alan Blackley (Holywell cum Needingworth) bt Sue Cross (St Ives) 21-16.