Peterborough BCKA fightersclinch series in grand style

There was more glory for the Peterborough BCKA club at the weekend when they clinched the Peterborough Series title once again.

Friday, 28th October 2016, 10:43 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:44 am
Members of ther Peterborough BCKA club who did well in the Peterborough Series.

Even though they were missing their top fighters, who were rested ahead of the World Championships in Portugal this coming weekend, they still manage to win 13 Grand Champion trophies .

Stars of the day were Zac Culpin, who won Grand Champion trophies in four separate categories, and Elliot Morgan-Smith, who became champion and Grand Champion of the intermediate/advanced section of the Under 4ft 4in boys even though he’s still only a yellow belt.

Club coach Andy Whitwell said: “Elliott fought with great heart and to win bouts against the advanced fighters - brown belts and a black belt England fighter - was a great achievement. But I was proud of each and every one of my fighters.

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“The Peterborough series is supported by many clubs and associations from around the UK and to successfully defend the title is a great honour.”

BCKA results.

Harvey King: Super peewee - runner-up.

Leon King: Boys under 4ft 4in beginner points - Grand Champion.

Kelsey Lock: Under 5ft 2in intermediate/advanced girls points - second; Under 5ft 2in intermediate/advanced - Grand Champion; Under 50 kg advanced continuous - second.

Elliott Morgan-Smith: Boys beginner/intermediate under 5ft 2in - second and Grand Champion; Intermediate/advanced under 5ft 4in - first and Grand Champion.

Zac Culpin: Open hand forms - Grand Champion; Weapons - first and Grand Champion; Under 74 kg advanced - second and Grand Champion; Under 84 kg - Grand Champion.

Dan Smith: Under 74 kg men’s points - second; Under 74 kg men’s continuous - second.

Alan Johnson: Over 35 years men’s veteran Over 79 kg - runner-up.

Colin Lock: Over 35 years men’s veterans Under 79 kg - first; Over 35 years men’s veterans Over 79 kg - third.

Simon Munday: Over 35 years men’s veterans Under 79 kg - second.

Jordan Noble: Over 95 kg men’s continuous advanced - first.

Bradley King: Beginner men’s points Under 74 kg - 1st and Grand Champion.

Louis King: Advanced men’s points Under 64 kg third and Grand Champion; Under 64 kg advanced men’s continuous - second.

Amjad Mustafa: Over 35 years men’s veterans Under 79 kg - third and Grand Champion; Under 74 kg intermediate men’s veteran - third and Grand Champion.

Grant Brown: Men’s advanced points Under 74 kg - first; Men’s advanced points Under 84 kg - second.

Sam Spencer: Advanced boys continuous Under 65 kg - 1st; Advanced boys points Under 5ft 4in - first; Intermediate boys Under 5ft 4in - Grand Champion.

Sam Booth: Intermediate men’s points Under 84 kg - second; Intermediate men’s advanced continuous Under 80 kg - third.