Speeding COPs excel at English X level swimming event

City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPs) enjoyed five top 10 finishers inn the country and five more in the top 10 in the latest Swim England level X event.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 3:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th July 2021, 3:37 pm
COPs swimmer Amelie Stevenson at the X Level event.
COPs swimmer Amelie Stevenson at the X Level event.

It’s an exciting concept where swimmers compete against others from around the country without leaving their home pool.

Final placings are decided by time trials using all strokes at varying distances.

The COPs top five finishers were Jacob Bacon (10), George Whiteman (17), Harriet Salisbury (17), Beth Dennis (18) andDaniel Moyses(14) and the top 10 finishers were Lara Treharne (14), Megan Donovan (14), Olivia Lee (17), Orlando Dearing (13) and Vanesa Cimermanova(13).

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Assistant coach Joe Middleton said ‘ This was an amazing learning opportunity for COPS members to display race skills developed during training.

“And across the club, our members rose to the challenge, racing in multiple events including the 400m Individual Medley, 1500m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly and Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley, 200m Freestyle & 200m Backstroke.

“Our members faced this challenge head on, with enthusiasm to collect some impressive finishes.”