Season over for young Peterborough Panthers title winner after a heavy crash

Jordan PalinJordan Palin
Jordan Palin
Peterborough Panthers ‘Rising Star’ Jordan Palin has announced his decision to miss the remainder of the 2022 season on medical grounds.

The 18-year-old, who played a thrilling role in the Crendon Panthers’ charge to the Premiership title last year, crashed heavily in a Great Britain practice session at Belle Vue a fortnight ago.

Palin was concussed and suffered a small bleed on the brain, and this has led to a pragmatic decision that he cannot rush into a comeback and risk his long-term health as a result.

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Palin said: “I have now had time to process the extent of my injury, and the information from my medical consultants. In reality, I am looking at least 60 days before I can ride again.“I have therefore taken one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and announce that I am withdrawing from all racing for the remainder of the 2022 season.

“The most difficult thing to understand with this type of injury is I can’t physically see it, unlike a broken arm or leg where it’s constantly in view, the bleed on my brain is not.

“The fog is definitely starting to lift to the point that the information from the consultants has become very real. The expected recovery time before I can be signed off as fit to begin physical exercise dramatically impacts the time scale to be fit to race.

“Given the realistic time scale, I have to look at the impact on the clubs I am lucky enough to represent (Panthers and Scunthorpe).

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“Covering my absence with guests or rider replacement is only practical very short term. I know that holding open my team place and covering is not practical or in the best interests of the clubs.

“I take great inspiration from the likes of Dan Bewley and Tom Brennan in how they returned from season ending injuries to be at the level they are now. I will be using the time to reset and rebuild.

“Once cleared, I will start an intensive programme to take full advantage of what now is my pre- season for 2023.”