Peterborough Town’s four ton-up players

Peterborough Town's ton-up boys Sulemain Saleem and Sreehari Subramonian.Peterborough Town's ton-up boys Sulemain Saleem and Sreehari Subramonian.
Peterborough Town's ton-up boys Sulemain Saleem and Sreehari Subramonian.
Four Peterborough Town players scored tons for the club last weekend and three of them are teenagers.

Josh Smioth smacked 180 for the first team in a Northants Premier Division game, while Sulaiman Saleem (114) and Sreehari Subramonian (106no) went big in Town seconds’ 33-run Northants Division Two win at Northampton Saints.

Captain Alex Mitchell was the experienced Town player to crack a ton in a Rutland Division One win at March Town.

All this week’s top run scorers and wicket-takers...


Josh Smith (Peterborough Town) 180

J. Boyle (Laxton) 125

J. Temple (Bourne 2nds) 120

G. Freear (Wisbech Town) 118

N. Ul-Hassan (Werrington) *114

S. Saleem (P’boro Town 2nds) 114

S. Sub’monian (P’boro Town 2nds) 106

A. Mitchell (Peterborough Town) *103

L. Fresen (Oundle Town) *100

G. Holmes (Burghley Park) 100

J. Martin (Market Deeping 2nds) *97

R. Bentley (Uffington) *96

M. Zahid (AK 11) *88

M. Kearns (Moulton Harrox) 78

V. Matta (Adidda) *76

R. Anjum (Huntingdon) 74

D. Patel (Laxton) *72

J. Hussian (Werrington) 72

D. Clarke (Peterborough Town) 69

A. Wright (Huntingdon) 69

M. Papworth (Orton Park) 63

S. Rajaguru (March Town) 63

M. Zafar (Hampton 2nds) 63

J. Groener (Newborough) *62

D. Foster (Oundle Town) 62

M. Hammad (Barnack) 62

H. Lavery (Moulton Harrox) 62

M. Durham (Orton Park 2nds) 59

N. Patel (Oundle Town 2nds) 59

R. Ponnom (Adidda) 58

T. Williams (Stamford Town) 58

C. Bore (Stamford Town) 57

H. Bream (Sawtry) 57

R. Dunn (Bourne 2nds) *53

L. Barnes (Long Sutton) 52

R. Bentley (Bourne 2nds) 52

C. Beale (Moulton Harrox) *51

C. Andrews (Spalding 3rds) 51

S. Buck (Laxton) 51

J. Manton (Spalding) 51

J. Harrington (Ufford Park) *50

A. Larkin (Ufford Park) *50

J. Ironmonger (Benefield) 50

D. Oldfield (Long Sutton) 50

F. Satari (Bharat Sports) 50


O. Ali Khan (Bretton) 6-23

A. Akhtar (Barnack) 6-27

M. Howells (Benefield) 6-53

D. Foster (Oundle Town) 5-17

N. Ahmed (Huntingdon) 5-25

V. Parvathaneni (Newborough) 5-29

C. Birch (Stamford Town) 5-30

R. Simpson (Long Sutton) 5-38

S. Rajaguru (March Town) 5-39

N. Lawton (Newborough 2nds) 5-41